First Look: Dallas TNT Season 3

Dallas TNT season 3 is only weeks away and here is a first look at the premiere episode.

In the opening episode the Ewing women are planning a wedding when Elena returns with revenge on her mind. Meanwhile Christopher comes to the aid of ranchhand Heather while out chopping wood.

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Dallas TNT Season 3 Characters

Bobby Ewing
Patrick Duffy

Following the death of his older brother, J.R., Bobby is now the patriarch of the Ewing clan. As the current keeper of the flame for all things Ewing, both noble and devious, Bobby is determined to protect the things he loves most: his family and Southfork. Without J.R. as his junk-yard dog, Bobby has had to get down in the mud to vanquish family enemy Cliff Barnes, causing him to betray some of the principles he’s held most dear. He prays now that those betrayals don’t come back to destroy him and all he’s fought so hard to protect.

Sue Ellen Ewing

Linda Gray

Sue Ellen has become a powerful woman in her own right in Dallas. But after a failed run for the Governor of Texas, she’s doubled down and gotten elbow-deep in the family business of subterfuge and oil. Despite her professional success, Sue Ellen continues to battle her demons, struggling with alcoholism. The ghost of ex-husband J.R.’s deeds continues to have a grip on her and her son John Ross. But she has vowed to do whatever it takes to make sure John Ross turns into the best of who J.R. was, not the worst.

John Ross Ewing

Josh Henderson

Once a sickly boy, John Ross has grown into a seductive and charismatic man, with an insatiable thirst for power – just like his father. And, unfortunately for those who stand in his way, he also inherited his father’s wicked skill of manipulation and penchant for amoral plotting. In his youth, John Ross resented J.R. for not being a better father, but the two were able to reconcile shortly before J.R.’s death, just in time for John Ross to soak up a few invaluable final lessons from his mastermind dad. Now with J.R. gone, John Ross struggles to uphold J.R.’s legacy while trying to establish himself as his own man.

Christopher Ewing

Jesse Metcalfe

Christopher Ewing is the adopted son of Bobby and Bobby’s first wife, Pam. Being adopted, he never felt like a true-blood Ewing, fueling a constant desire to prove himself worthy of his last name. As a result, he developed a fierce will and an unflappable determination. Life has never been easy for Christopher. After being left at the altar by the love of his life, Elena, he was easily taken advantage of by a con artist, Rebecca Sutter – later revealed to be Pamela Rebecca Barnes, the daughter of longtime Ewing enemy Cliff Barnes. By the time Christopher realized he had been duped, Pamela was already pregnant with twins. The unborn babies were then lost in a tragic explosion. Now, in the wake of yet another heartbreak, again at the hand of Elena, he finds himself searching for peace in his heart while at the same time continuing his quest to reestablish the Ewings as the most important name in energy.

Elena Ramos

Jordana Brewster

As the cook’s daughter, Elena Ramos grew up on Southfork Ranch right alongside John Ross and Christopher. They were three peas in a pod and, like many children, blind to their vastly different stations in life. Both Ewing boys loved Elena, and she loved them, like brothers, but it was Christopher who always had her heart. Elena continued to work alongside the Ewing boys as they grew up and joined the family business. Though a brilliant petroleum engineer and undeniable asset to the company, Elena has long harbored a deep resentment toward the Ewings, secretly blaming them for the loss of her father, who died many years prior, drilling for oil on what turned out to be dry land. Following the new revelation that J.R. Ewing duped her father and built the Ewing empire on what should have been Ramos oil, the cook’s daughter is now done playing nice. She’s got her sights set on justice, and nothing will stand in her way.

Ann Ewing

Brenda Strong

Twice-divorced Bobby Ewing wasn’t looking for love when his ex-sister-in-law Sue Ellen introduced him to her friend Ann, but Ann’s quiet strength and inner beauty intrigued him. And once Bobby saw her soothe and saddle Southfork’s wildest, most unbreakable stallion, he was hooked. Here was a woman both gentle and tough who knew her way around a ranch. Bobby married her and never looked back. But Ann looked back often, in secret, and it hurt. Though happy with Bobby, her true love, Ann remained haunted by memories of her first marriage to transportation magnate Harris Ryland, who kidnapped their baby daughter from Ann years before. Ashamed of who she was back then, Ann hid that dark chapter of her past from Bobby until her daughter Emma reappeared. Now given a second chance at motherhood, Ann’s hopeful that she and Emma can heal and repair their severed bond.

Pamela Rebecca Barnes

(formerly known as Rebecca Sutter)

Julie Gonzalo

Pamela Rebecca Barnes is a shark in a designer suit. Daughter of Cliff Barnes and ex-wife of Christopher Ewing, Pamela is as cutthroat as she is beautiful. She schemed with her father to take control of Ewing Global, but when Cliff’s blind ambition led to the death of Pamela’s unborn children, she found comfort in the arms of the enemy: John Ross Ewing. A power couple in every sense of the word, Pamela and John Ross formed a business alliance that quickly turned into lust and then love. Now married, Pamela is ready to move on from the feud that’s consumed her family and take her place at John Ross’ side in the company she once sought to bring down.

Harris Ryland

Mitch Pileggi

Harris Ryland is Ann Ewing’s cunning and manipulative ex-husband. A powerful transportation mogul, Harris uses his position and influence to disrupt Ann’s happiness with Bobby. But after flaunting that he was responsible for the disappearance of their daughter Emma 20 years ago, and that there was nothing the law could do to punish him, Ryland crossed a line, and Ann got her gun and shot him. Now, with mother and daughter reunited, Harris struggles to keep Emma in check, while also mending fences with Ann. He’s a man with many enemies, including a Mexican drug cartel and his own even-more-dangerous mother, Judith.

Emma Ryland

Emma Bell

A sheltered beauty, Emma has lived a life of privilege under the careful eye of her domineering grandmother, Judith, who taught her to be poised, graceful and, above all, perfect. Kidnapped from her own mother , Ann, as a toddler, Emma learned from her dad, Harris Ryland, to distrust the world around her after he poisoned her mind against Ann – wounds that still run deep. Having made a break from her father and now living on her own terms, Emma has begun to crack the façade she built around herself, though she struggles with the choices she makes and the men she beds.

Drew Ramos

Kuno Becker

Andres (Drew) Ramos is Elena’s troubled brother who returned to Southfork to fulfill his father’s legacy and find oil on his family’s land. But after falling victim to the same fate as his father and coming up dry, he got involved with Harris Ryland and Cliff Barnes. The trio became responsible for blowing up a rig owned by the Ewings, which resulted in the deaths of Pamela and Christopher’s unborn babies. Wracked with guilt and now hiding out in Mexico, he’s haunted by what he’s done and hopes he can find a way to move past it.

Nicolas Treviño

Juan Pablo Di Pace

Nicolas grew up an urchin on the streets of Mexico. When he was 20, using his street-smarts and guile, Nicolas turned a $2 bet on a horse race into $10,000. Blessed with a keen mind for business, Nicolas parlayed that money into millions through shrewd investments, turning himself into a captain of industry. At the behest of Cliff Barnes, Nicolas has come to Dallas to act as Cliff’s proxy in Ewing Global. But it will soon come to light that Nicolas has his own agenda for coming to Dallas.


AnnaLynne McCord (Guest Star)

Heather, a no-nonsense, calls-it-like-she-sees-it ranch hand at Southfork, was raised by a single father and four older brothers. After her oldest brother was killed during a tour in Iraq, she ran away and eloped with her high school sweetheart. Now with her marriage over, Heather, in her up-front and self-assured way, lets Christopher Ewing know that she’s interested in a casual relationship with him.

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