Season 3 spoilers for Dallas TNT

Dallas TNT is back in production for a third season of  power games and family rivalries, so we pulled together all the news, rumors and spoilers that are floating around on the net.

Please be aware the following may contain spoilers. You have been warned.

1. The working title for the first episode is called ”The Return’ – fans are speculating that the title refers to a time jump between the finale of season 2 and the start of the new season and sees a heart broken Christoper return to Southfork after several months away from Dallas.

2. The first episode of season three kicks off with a dramatic car accident.

3. Unused footage of Larry Hagman as JR will be used in season 3 as part of a story arc.

4. AnnaLynne McCord will play the role of Heather, a ranch hand with a troubled ex-husband and a 5-year-old son. Having grown up in a house with four brothers, Heather is quite capable of handling herself around the Southfork ranch hands, but when her ex-husband returns, bringing turmoil back into her life, Christopher steps in, helping Heather resolve the conflict, and the two become involved in a romantic relationship.

5. Wedding bells – rumors are flying around that we will see a lavish wedding at Southfork in season 3 as John Ross and Pamela Rebecca renew their wedding vows. Ann and Sue Ellen are busy planning the wedding of the year but will it go ahead as planned?

Dallas season 3 spoilers

Ann and Sue Ellen planning a wedding at Southfork?

6. Season three will be split into two halves with a huge cliffhanger at the end of first half and the remaining episodes  shown in the summer of 2013.

7.  Priscilla Presley who played Jenna Wade Krebbs ,the ex love interest of Bobby Ewing, is rumored to return in season 3 to cause problems between Bobby and Ann. Could this pave the way for the future appearance of Jenna and Bobby’s son, Lucas Krebbs?

Priscilla Presley return as Jenna Wade Dallas TNT

Priscilla Presley possible return?

8. Both Judith Light (Judith Ryland) and Kuno Becker (Drew Ramos) are confirmed to appear in season three.

9. There is a big family event in episode 2

10. According to Dallas TNT writer Aaron Allen If you’re hoping for more Elena and Sue Ellen driven stories, you’ll LOVE season 3.

11. A new fun loving villain called Nicolas is heading to Dallas. He’s described as 35-40 years old, “a powerful billionaire businessman. Self made. Rough childhood. Raised himself up by his bootstrap. He’s charming, sophisticated, smart, cunning…Sexy but not pretty. He comes across as a good, genuine guy, even though there are darker parts of his personality which he’s hiding. He also has a good sense of humor and uses that take the sting off his verbal sparring.

12. John Ross will be dealing with the aftermath of his fathers death and his struggle will impact his relationship with Pamela Rebecca but she is determined to make their marriage work. Will secrets from season 2 come back to haunt their relationship?

13.  At the time of writing Charlene Tilton has not been asked back to play Lucy Ewing in the third season but we have our fingers crossed.

Join in and speculate. What do you expect to see in the third season of Dallas on TNT?


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