Dallas Interview: “Pivotal year” for Dallas says Patrick Duffy

Dallas star Patrick Duffy has said the third season of the show will be a pivotal year.

Speaking to ultimatedallas.com at the Country Music Festival in Mirande , Patrick  explained that the loss of JR Ewing will leave the audience to decide the shows future.

“This will be the pivotal year, the audience will decide if they want to watch Dallas without the character of JR on screen, because certainly they are going to invent things that the character of JR did and those things will surface episode after episode” he said.

“The character will maintain his presence in the show, Larry as an entity, just as a person, we can’t get rid of that, it’s part of our generic make-up as actors on the show”

Will you be watching Dallas without JR?

Watch the full video interview below with Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Steve Kanaly and Sheree J Wilson

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