Dallas TNT Season 3 wish list

Dallas TNT season 3

As the writers and producers of  TNT’s Dallas reassemble to discuss where the series is heading in season 3 we trawled though our mailbag, forum and social media to compile a fans wish list for the third season.

1.   More  Judith please, lots more – Judith Light’s Shakespearean portrayal of  Judith Ryland left  us yearning for more. Why not move her into Southfork to annoy Ann Ewing? I’m certain Emma could persuade Bobby and Ann to take her in.  Or how about Judith Barnes? Marry her off to Cliff. They could live in a huge gothic mansion plotting revenge on the Ewing family.  Judith would spend most of the time pacing the attic muttering her sons name and descending into a fit of uncontrollable rage.

2.  Home is where the heart is – Topping the most wanted list is more family interaction at Southfork Ranch. A few more scenes with the family around the dinner table or  feuding over evening drinks would gratify some of those fans of the original series. It would great to see another Ewing barbecue and a big bust up in the pool.  With John Ross and Pamela now firmly at Southfork, dinner times could be interesting when you add Emma into the mix. A few more character based plots to create some empathy for the leads could pad the series out a little. The Alias style plots were great  but in season three a focus on  drama from within the family could be the way forward.

3.  All cried out – We love Ann but enough of the tears and trauma. She is also too submissive to Bobby – packing his boxes, putting up with his tantrums. Ann needs to toughen up instead of appearing to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Maybe she needs a job, I hear there is a vacant position at ‘The Store’.

4. The originals – Dust off some more of those original characters and bring them back in season three. We loved seeing Val, Gary and Afton in season two but it would be great to see Lucy Ewing back for a longer arc in season three. Charlene Tilton and Susan Howard have stated they would return if asked and it would be wonderful to see them if the story warrants it (not a tokenistic blink and you miss them return please). Afton’s return in season two was perfect, so something along those lines would be nice.
If the rights issues can be resolved it would make my day to see Donna Mills appear as Abby, after all JR did crown her Princess of the Ewing family.

5.  Humor  – Totally love how dark and twisted new Dallas is compared to the original, I feel quite exhausted watching an episode. Some fans have suggested it would be nice to balance it out a little with humor. Not Benny Hill style but that subtle humor that worked so well in the original series with characters like Cliff Barnes, Lucy and JR.

6. Christoper – Ditch the suits and clean shaven look and get into a pair of jeans and rough it up a little. It would be fun to see Christopher go down the path of self destruct following his run of bad luck in season two. With Kristin’s blood running through his veins anything is possible.

7. Elena – Finally Elena had some fire in her belly towards the end of season two. She was brilliant in conflict with her brother and Christopher, far more interesting than the methane nerdette we saw in season one.  With Elena carrying the mantle for Cliff Barnes we have high hopes for her in season three.

8. Pamela and John R0ss – What a fabulous pairing, so deliciously dysfunctional. Keep them together and up the dysfunction. John Ross may be his fathers son but let’s hope Pamela gives as good she gets and isn’t going to be the new Sue Ellen. Keep Pamela as the character we care about, she was in danger of slipping into a Dynastyesqe bitch at the start of season two.
This is a great opportunity to bring Sue Ellen into the mix. She was emotionally abused by JR, how will she react seeing her son treat Pamela in a similar way? Oh and get Sue Ellen back in Southfork, a flood at her current house would do it. That worked for Donna and Ray in the original series.

9. Guest stars – It was fantastic to see Lee Majors as Sue Ellen’s old flame and it would be great to pay homage to more 80’s icons. Suggestions include Wonder Woman (Linda Carter), Charlie’s Angels (Jaclyn Smith),  A.LF (Alf), British actress Stephanie Beecham. If the producers continue their 24 recruitment drive how about Cherry Jones as Ann’s mother?

10. Sing-a-long-a Dallas – The use of music in season two proved popular with the fans so it would be great to see more of this. It worked particularly well for the scenes at JR’s memorial and Sue Ellen hitting the bottle  but my own personal favorite was the Mavericks played during the season two finale.

Dallas has a passionate and loyal fan base but  it can’t be denied that the ratings fluctuated during the second season especially overseas in countries with a strong soap watching culture.  Some critics put the sliding ratings down to all style and no substance, too plot heavy and lacking a focus on character. The series is great fun and at times pure genius, JR’s masterpiece and the integration of Pamela #1 was  brilliantly conceived and executed but they need to balance it out  with some traditional character led drama that compels viewers to tune in week after week. All the pieces are now in place for what could be the best season so far. Bring it on.

 Dallas returns to TNT January 2014



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