Julie Gonzalo talks Dallas TNT season finale

Julie Gonzalo Dallas season finale

Julie Gonzalo: ‘When I read the finale I was very very pleased, I think it’s smart, it’s entertaining, it’s what Dallas is all about’

The electrifying Dallas TNT second season  finale airs this Monday so we caught up with Julie Gonzalo to discuss who killed JR Ewing, John Ross and the latest twists  in the life of Pamela Barnes. 

Ultimate Dallas – First of all congratulations on a fantastic second season. You have had some big emotional scenes. Have you enjoyed getting your teeth into that material?

Julie Gonzalo – Thank you. They really made me go through it. I consider myself very lucky, the amount of trust the writers have in me has been a blessing. I love what I do for a living and I couldn’t be any happier with all the stuff they wrote for me. It’s just been a really amazing experience to just grab each script and work on it and just give it life. The response has been beautiful. I follow you guys on Twitter and you have always been on top of things, the response on social media has been very positive and complimentary, I am just very lucky.

Ultimate Dallas – Everyone loves seeing Pamela and John Ross together

Julie Gonzalo – Yeah. They keep making these videos and these photos; they just really love them together. I think it’s great, I think they totally belong together. Watching it TV I try to remove myself, it’s hard to watch yourself, but every time I see them two together I’m like “Oh they really love each other”. I root for them (laughs)

Ultimate Dallas – But do they love each other or is it revenge?

Julie Gonzalo –  I don’t know. To be honest with you I think there is a level of love between them two. They are so similar, they’re cut from the same cloth, they have so much in common that I think there is a level of love.  But I don’t know how far or how long, I don’t know if there is trust to be had, there is a huge difference between love and trust. He has come to her in a moment of need and a moment of her feeling so vulnerable and alone that I think she does definitely appreciate that. Especially after finding out that the one man in her life (Cliff Barnes] who she thought would protect her from anything and everything actually didn’t and hurt her the most.

Ultimate Dallas – Do you think Pamela could ever forgive Cliff?

Julie Gonzalo – I don’t think that’s something you can [forgive]. The pain of a loss of a child is possibly the worst pain anyone can go through in their life and I hope I never go through that and I never wish that upon anyone. The pain that she went through was unforgivable. How can you ?  At least this season [laughs).

Ultimate Dallas – A major motivation for Pamela has been the need to please her father. Will we see a further change to the character now that she knows he killed her babies?

Julie Gonzalo – I think so. I think after that event happened she definitely changed, she is a different woman now. She has gone through a lot, we have only shot two seasons and she has already gone through so much. Little things change you let alone like huge things so I do think you see a difference in her for sure.

Ultimate Dallas – In real life we know you get on very well with Josh Henderson (John Ross). Does having a good relationship off screen help with the on screen connection?

Julie Gonzalo – I think it definitely helps. We are good friends, we genuinely like each other, we respect each other’s work and we respect each other as people. We know how to have fun on set especially; we are always goofing around and talking about random things and he’s always singing something and I’m always trying to do his back-up but I’m a horrible singer but you know we’re trying to do something and then you hear action and it’s down to business and we get our job done. They call us like the fastest actors and we’re always on our game but we also like to play around, yeah we’re goofballs. We’re like the babies, we are just a month apart too, he’s like my twin brother (laughs). It’s fun.  I adore him.

Ultimate Dallas – In the original we had the couples Pam & Bobby and Sue Ellen and JR. Do you think John Ross and Pamela will fall into one of those relationship types?

Julie Gonzalo – I would have to say JR and Sue Ellen. I do believe they’re not going to change personally, even though now it’s a whole different ball game. I see a lot of JR and Sue Ellen in them.

Ultimate Dallas – The season finale is upon us. Can you give a taster of what to look forward to in this week’s episode?

Julie Gonzalo – It’s a fun ride; the show itself moves very quickly and especially having the two episodes back to back. I didn’t actually see the episodes that aired on Monday because I’m on a road trip and didn’t have a television. But I do see people being excited about what happened to JR and the end cliff-hanger is fun and juicy. When I read the finale I was very very pleased, I think it’s smart, it’s entertaining, it’s what Dallas is all about. I really do hope people enjoy it.

Ultimate Dallas – They have really upped their game since Larry passed.

Julie Gonzalo – Yeah. It was hard, it was really hard because he was the show. He was the face and soul and life of the show but I think that under the circumstances the writers really did a fantastic job.

Ultimate Dallas – So is Pamela in the scene where we discover who killed JR?

Julie Gonzalo – Um yeah she’s not too far (laughs)

Ultimate Dallas – If you were a viewer yourself who would you lean towards as the culprit?

Julie Gonzalo – Oh man I don’t know because literally when I didn’t know [who killed JR] I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t place it. It’s just brilliantly written; to be honest with you I couldn’t put it together.  I remember last year trying to put things together and it didn’t work so I’m like okay I’m not going to outsmart the writers clearly so I’m going to wait the extra two days I have left to not know and just read it.

Ultimate Dallas – What are your plans between now and season three [we hope]?

Julie Gonzalo – I can’t imagine not having a season three. Not much. I’m driving my car back home now and moving back to home from Dallas and trying to see if I can sneak in a film in-between and get some more work. They invited us to the Monte Carlo television festival in June so I think we are all heading out there and it will be nice to bring the show abroad again like we did last year in London. Who knows what the future holds.

Ultimate Dallas – Do you have any messages for the fans?

Julie Gonzalo –  I really do hope that people really enjoy the season and hopefully we get to bring a third season. It’s just been a really fun ride and I couldn’t be more blessed to work with the people we work with and to bring this show to life every week.

The Dallas two-hour season finale airing on Monday, April 15th beginning at 9PM EST


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