Review – Dallas TNT – S2 E11 “Let Me In”

Dallas season 2 episode 11 Let me on review

Review by By MimiC

First let me just say that I adore when The Ewing’s are on the same side. They are more powerful than anything when they’re all fighting for the same cause; as Sue Ellen shared with her old pal Ken, “When the Ewings unite, nothing can stop us”. And though folks may try, in the end, I know it will be the Ewing’s that will prevail.

“Let Me In” began on a somber note with a montage of Christopher and Pamela dealing with the loss of their babies. While Christopher is taking apart their things, smashing the cradle in anger; Pamela is putting their room together, as it should have been. Those scenes just broke my heart, watching these two “should be” parents dealing with the loss of the babies they never got to meet… and color me wrong, but I wanted them to deal with it together. Married or not, they were the parents and they should grieve together.

Three Weeks Later

Moving on… John Ross is settling in at SouthFork, chatting with Pamela on the phone. He’s going on and on and she’s just listening, looking like hell, but still beautiful as she does so. She tells him not to worry, her mother is looking after her. Bobby comes in and welcomes John Ross home with a stiff handshake and even apologizes for accusing him of not caring about family. Christopher is still on edge and is demanding they go after Cliff. Bobby wants to wait for proof. The elder Ewing tries explaining to his hot headed son and nephew, that they cannot take down Cliff unless they have solid proof he was the executor of the sabotage.

Sue Ellen, Bobby, John Ross and Christopher meet with TESHA to get the ruling on the explosion and are met with unwelcome news (I was wondering where on earth they got that table? I think it’s bigger than my living room). TESHA says that what Ken Richards told Sue Ellen was false. That it was a technical error, a faulty sensor was to blame. Christopher flips out, he knows the equipment was working correctly and John Ross backs him up. Ewing Energies will be fined $1 Billion and Bobby tells them to shove it up their ass.. there will be an appeal. Sue Ellen insists on talking to Ken, after all, he’s sweet on her and she can use that to her advantage. Christopher strongly suggests that John Ross make his way over to Pamela’s to pump her for information on Cliff’s whereabouts. John Ross isn’t so sure… I mean how does one tell a mother that just lost her children, that her father is to blame.

John Ross arrives at Pamela’s place to find pill bottles strewn around and Pamela sitting on the balcony shivering (this scenes reminded me of the Demi Moore scene in St Elmo’s Fire… I read on twitter that was the writers intention- well done!). John Ross puts his coat around her and tries to get her inside, she shrugs off his touch and comes inside. Julie Gonzalo did some great work in this next scene. She sits on the couch and admits to sending her mother away a week ago, she doesn’t know where her father is, but he sent flowers (how thoughtful). She asks why he’s there and instead of jumping into the afore mentioned Cliff plan, he tells her that everyone is worried about her, which isn’t a lie, he is actually worried. He makes her some tea (swoon) and vows he won’t be leaving until she’s ok.

Meanwhile, while John Ross is doing what Christopher should be doing, Christopher is at the bar, doing a product placement scene, ordering a Miller Light. He spots Ken Richards and gives him a piece of his mind… he’s letting a baby murderer go free. His threats gets him snatched up by a bouncer who agrees to let it go if Elena gives him a job on her rig. She tries to comfort Christopher by asking him to stop being so reckless which doesn’t go very well for her. He accuses her of never wanting the babies because her career was more important and then he says, “congratulations, you got what you wanted” which lands him a swift back hand from Elena. What I was really needing in this episode was for someone, anyone, Bobby, John Ross, Elena, to grab Christopher and give him a hug… tell him its ok to let it out… obviously he’s holding in all of his feelings because he keeps lashing out. But alas, everyone was too busy with themselves to make this attempt.

The Drew Factor: I must admit that I didn’t care much for him when he first showed up, but he’s growing on me. This episode in particular really warmed my heart to dear old Drew, mostly because I feel like he keeps getting caught in the crossfires of the Ryland/Ewing drama and really he’s just trying to drill some oil in memory of his Papa. Harris accosts Emma while she’s out for a ride and strongly suggests that she stop seeing Drew. He even presents Drew’s rap sheet, which Emma claims to know all about, and doesn’t care. Emma goes to see Drew who is at the spot where his father died. He has a little memorial there with a stone that says Papa and two new stones, for what Christopher lost (awwww). He says to her, “it was my fault”, she of course assumes he’s talking about his father, we all know otherwise. She assures him it was not his fault, he was only 11 and then invites him out on a date. Roy (I think his name is Roy, I might have made that up, the guy that’s Harris’ version of Bum) is spying on them. He calls Harris and says that Emma went straight to Drew as expected. Then he tells Harris he’ll take care of it tonight, uh oh.

Over at Chez Pamela, John Ross copies some files from her laptop while she isn’t paying attention and then reassures her that there are people who love her and will be there for her. I know everyone loves these two as a possible couple, but I honestly love the idea of them being best friends. You can tell there’s a genuine care for one another and I think they would make such a great team but maybe not bed partners, after all that almost never works out on this show. Christopher interrupts their chat with a phone call, wanting to know if John Ross got the info… gee Chris nice of you to ask how Pamela is doing…John Ross is about to leave when he tells her there’s something she needs to know about the accident. Hmm does he tell her about Cliff???

Emma shows up for her date with Drew and texts him that she has arrived. He is reading newspaper articles about the explosion and finally looks at his cell when Emma texts him she’s being hit on by a creepy old guy and she needs her knight in shining armor. I thought that was cute! I guess I could dig them as a couple. He gets ready to leave and as soon as he steps outside, he gets clocked over the head by Roy and Harris. They throw him in the trunk and text Emma “can’t make it, got a better offer”.  Emma should have known something was up… Drew wouldn’t say something like that…instead she begins flirting with old creepy guy.

Sue Ellen meets up with Ken Richards and reads him the riot act. He says he only came to tell her about Christopher’s behavior to which she delivered the line of the evening, “If he strangled you, I would sit back and watch the show. When the Ewings’ unite, nothing can stop us”. She lets him know, if he isn’t with them, he’ll be a casualty of the war. She gets up to leave and spots Emma in the lap of old creepy guy. Emma is about to go home with grandpa when he father pulls up and jumps out of the car. I don’t like Harris but his lines here were hilarious, “I’m her father, go rob some other cradle. Get out before I beat your ass”. Ohhh that was funny! Harris takes her to a remote location to see what he’s done to Drew. He tells her some story about a horse she loved that he put down after it kicked her and broke her arm. He tells her to stop seeing Drew, this is not a request.

Sue Ellen tells Ann what she saw in the bar and that she thought Emma seemed high. Ann is disbelieving but Sue Ellen points out, there are 20 years of that girls life you know nothing about… I smell backstory secrets!

Ken Richards visits the Governor of Texas while he’s clay shotting. The Governor said the Ewings were supposed to think the explosion was an accident of negligence, never to know about the sabotage (so the Governor is in on it too!). He tells Ken that he will expose past indiscretions if he doesn’t play along and then asks for his resignation letter. Ken doesn’t exactly tell about the rig, but he does pick a side.

Carlos gives Bobby a call and says he has the lady that was seen with J.R. right before he died. Bobby says to bring her to his office, finally the mystery blonde will be revealed. (For those who don’t know the actress who plays this part is Patrick Duffy’s daughter in law in real life) Rhonda was a hostess at a club in Mexico that’s owned by the cartel. J.R. wanted to ask her some questions about an American man who would come into the club often to talk with the cartel owners. She told him she couldn’t help him and even if she did know the information he was looking for, it would put them both in danger. She identifies Harris as the American man who frequents the club. Before leaving, Rhonda shares with Bobby that J.R. seemed sweet, he just wanted someone to talk with and share a drink. (I miss J.R.)

Elena and Christopher have a chat and he apologizes for being so harsh to her. She encourages him to go see Pamela and tell her he wasn’t responsible for the accident. He shows up and John Ross had already told her the rig was sabotaged, but he didn’t share their thoughts on the culprit. As soon as he walked in, you could tell they wanted to hug one another and they do… both of them tears streaming down their face (this made me want Pam/Chris together again). She makes him promise that he will find who killed their babies and make that person pay!

Ken Richards has a document delivered to Sue Ellen that shows Harris Ryland as being a large contributor to The Governor’s campaign fund. She takes it to Bobby and the assume the Governor is in Harris’ pocket. That’s why Harris needed her to lose the election, they’re forcing TESGA to cover up the accident and blame it on the Ewings. She is suspicious that Bobby isn’t being completely forthcoming with information and he goes into the safe and shows her all of J.R.’s master plan documents. He explains the whole thing to her, even how J.R. predicted Harris and Cliff would team up against them.

John Ross prints out copies of Rebecca Wentworth’s (Cliff’s mother) will, which apparently Pamela keeps on her computer… what they discover is, Rebecca left everything to her 3 children, IF they can’t find Pam or can prove she’s dead, her 1/3 of Barnes Global would go to Christopher. Bobby says that’s their move, find Pam or don’t and hit Cliff in the jugular.

Oh Drew is drowning his sorrows in a bottle on Elena’s floor and he makes her promise not to tell anyone that Harris beat him up.

Harris pays a visit to the Governor’s office and starts prattling on about a documentary he watched on Komodo dragons who bite their prey and then patiently wait for the venom to weaken them before striking. An obvious metaphor. As this conversation is happening, Bobby is served papers telling him the Henderson property is being seized by the government. They all high tail it out to the property in protest. John Ross suggests they just drill on Southfork then and Bobby reminds him it will take weeks to get it going… they needed the money from the oil NOW to pay the fine. The Ewing’s are set to lose everything.

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