Who killed JR Ewing? Let’s play detective

Who killed JR Ewing

Dallas TNT is building nicely to the end of season two finale when “Who killed J.R.?” is finally revealed.

But who could do such a dastardly act?  We delved into the minds of those hardcore Dallas fans on Forkies.com for theories on who pulled the trigger.

These are not spoilers just a selection of theories from fans playing detective.

Theory one

Pamela Ewing killed JR – we know that JR was on the trail of Bobby’s ex wife played by Victoria Principal and we also know that there was no love lost between JR and Pam. Could it be possible that in actual fact JR was responsible for keeping Pam away and in a fit of rage she killed him?

Theory two

Cliff Barnes and Harris Ryland are behind JR’s murder. In a plot involving Carlos Del Sol in cahoots with Ryland and Barnes, a hired female assassin made her way to the hotel room and murdered JR.

Theory three

Carmen Ramos killed JR. Okay let’s just go with this highly unlikely scenario. We know Carmen was in Mexico when the murder took place. Perhaps JR insulted one of her tuna empanadas or in a twist it turns out JR is the father of Drew Ramos (all very Ray Krebbs).

Theory four

JR Ewing is behind his own death. This seems to be the most popular theory and we will outline the reasons fans have given.

A. It’s wrong that anyone would kill JR. That would mean JR lost. It’s been made clear JR has the last laugh in this scenario

B. JR is told by a doctor he is terminally ill. Not wanting a long drawn out end JR decides to end his life but at the same time pull together a plan to bring down his enemies and continue John Ross’s learning curve.

C: With the help of Carlos Del Sol, JR hires an assassin to kill him at an unspecified time.

D: JR wants John Ross to think Cliff is behind the murder. He knows this will give John Ross the motivation to bring Cliff down and push John Ross’s ‘killer’ instinct to get revenge, thus continuing John Ross’s learning curve. JR knew that if he died at home John Ross would loose focus and thus allow Ryland and Barnes to take control.

E: The gun John Ross was given by JR is in actual fact the gun used to shoot JR. John Ross will use this to frame Ryland and Barnes.

F: Bobby is the keeper of the plan. He knows the truth and that JR has set the whole thing up. Remember Bobby’s words –  “I knew you would have one more left up your sleeve JR and this is a good one”

G: But why the mugging? The mugging is to keep the Police out of it so the real reason of JR’s death is never known. This allows the plan to be carried out and the reason why Bobby is going along with it.

H: But the letter to Sue Ellen? The reason he sent Sue Ellen the letter in the first place was because he knew he would not return. He added the dinner invitation so not to make it sound final and give the game away but at the same time he wanted to let Sue Ellen know he loved her.

Finally a quote from one member of Forkies.com – “So, what’s left other than JR Ewing deciding his own fate with his own rules and serving up one last hurrah to stick it to his enemies? Especially when it could easily be written that his trips to Vegas and wherever were a result of him seeking a cure for his terminal illness but to no avail….so he chose his own terms. It’s not so much suicide when he was going to die soon anyway


Do you agree with any of these ideas?


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