Preview of JR’s funeral – hankies at the ready

I have  just finished watching a preview of JR’s funeral episode to be broadcast next week on TNT, in what must be one of the most moving episodes in Dallas history. You’ll need hankies, a truck load is advisable as the sad reality of Larry Hagman’s death merges with the fictional character of JR.

I unashamedly spent most of the time sobbing my heart out – if there was ever a time to get overly emotional at a TV show it was obviously going to be saying goodbye to the iconic character of JR Ewing.

JR Ewing funeral episode on TNT

JR Ewing’s funeral on Dallas TNT


Cynthia Cidre’s script wastes no opportunity to tug at our tearducts. It is beautifully done – poignant and sad but with the twists and shocks you come to expect from Dallas.  The cast are outstanding – in particular Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy and Josh Henderson who provide a touching sincerity to every scene. With special guest appearances from Dallas past it’s an episode not to be missed.

JR’s masterpiece air’s Monday March 11th 9/8c on TNT

Watch a scene from the upcoming episode below:


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