Episode details for JR’s death

Who killed JR Ewing

TNT have released an update to their episode synopsis for episodes seven and eight which includes the episode for JR’s farewell.

Contains Spoilers

“The Furious and The Fast” Monday, March 4, 9 p.m. (ET/PT)

In the aftermath of John Ross and Sue Ellen’s coup to take over Ewing Energies, Bobby retaliates with his brother’s help, Gary (guest star Ted Shackelford), leaving the family in a Mexican standoff.  Meanwhile, Pamela is caught between Christopher and John Ross, as the cousins clash, with it all culminating in a winner-take-all car race.

Directed by Rodney Charters

Written by Julia Cohen


“JR’s Masterpiece” Monday, March 11, 9 p.m. (ET/PT)

After a lifetime of scheming and dealing, JR Ewing finally meets his end.  The Ewing family reels at hearing the news.  Shocked to learn from the authorities that JR’s death is the result of a random mugging, they strive to set aside their differences and mourn together.  Accompanied by many characters from JR’s past, the Ewings bury their own.  In a heartrending goodbye episode, DALLAS bids farewell to the legendary JR Ewing….Only to uncover powerful evidence that leads to a shocking revelation worthy of one of televisions most iconic characters.  As in life — and now in death — nothing is ever as it seems when it comes to JR Ewing.

Directed by Michael M. Robin

Written by Cynthia Cidre


For the full season episode guide check out  http://www.ultimatedallas.com/dallastntseasontwo/

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