Review – Dallas: S2 E3 “Sins of the Father”

Dallas TNT episode 3

So much happens so fast on every episode of this show it’s hard to keep up! Tonight’s installment was no different, secrets were revealed and there was quite uh.. bang… by the end.

“Sins of the Father” kicks off with Christopher dragging Rebecca Sutter to the police station to file a missing persons report. He persuades her and the officer with the voicemail on Tommy’s cell from Pamela (we are no longer referring to her as faux-Becca). Real Becky Sutter seems quite concerned about her brother Tommy and cooperates fully.

Back at Southfork, Elena still hasn’t managed to stock up her own refrigerator as she is still pilfering from the main house. Bobby promptly kicks her out and lets Ann in on the truth about Emma (Kudos to Cidre for not having Bobby keeping secrets from Ann). Ann becomes crazed and Bobby reminds her that Emma hates her only because she has been fed lies by Harris; she doesn’t know any better, but we can fix it. Ann is reluctant, and can you blame her after the last rejection?

It appears as though they are going to be swapping the headlining name each episode between Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe in the credits… I’m ok with that. Also Kuno Becker has been added so I guess he’s going to be around a while.

Pamela attempts to kick John Ross out the morning after their tryst, but she is seduced by John Ross and all his sexiness, I mean who wouldn’t be? They have a cute little “I like to be on top” back and forth… I could get into them as a couple.

Judy is at the police station when Ann and Bobby show up to talk with Emma. “You were never worthy to be his wife,” Judy tells Ann, of course she comes back with a creepy remark about Judy wanting to be her son’s wife…ewww. Bobby threatens Judy who seems to care less, God do I love Judith Light! She is awesome in this role. Ann tries to explain to Emma and we are enlightened to some of Ann’s backstory. “He told me you were a drug addicted, depressed, hopeless mess” Emma offers and Ann says it’s all true. She was a mess while married to Harris and so she took tranquilizers to try to be a good wife and mother; she lost sight of what was important, her child. Emma seems a bit touched by her mother’s story but still comes back with a snippy remark. Ann takes out her box o’baby things to show Emma that she’s always loved her and looked for her for years. The brainwashed blonde dismisses Ann again. Great acting from Brenda Strong and Emma Bell.

J.R. appears to have acquired himself an iPad! He tells John Ross he’s working on getting rid of the info Bobby has on the flash drive and that he’s devised a plan to get Sue Ellen on board. He thinks they should use the money Sue Ellen loaned to Elena to drill on the Henderson property as a way to get her riled up. If John Ross uses his puppy dog eyes to his advantage, he can convince Mama Bear that she needs to demand Elena get to drilling so she can get a return on her money.

Elena and Christopher (snooze fest) are talking about their upcoming nuptials which Carmen hopes can be in a church, if Chris gets the annulment. Elena doesn’t care where the wedding is as long as she gets to marry her “soulmate” GAG! Poor John Ross is listening in and asks if Chris intends on making him Best Man! Of course, Mr Whiny Pants comes back with an obnoxious remark and it would seem the two are about to start arguing when in walks Drew Ramos! Mama Carmen is very excited, Elena is not amused. So here is where I side bar about things that annoy me in regards to casting and idiosyncrasies that get messed up. Carmen has an accent and Elena does not which was fine with me because you know Elena was raised American so ok fine she has no hispanic twang to her voice… Drew, however, sounds like he’s straight over the Mexican border… so Mom and brother have thick hispanic accents and Elena…what? She… spent too much time with rich white folks and lost her lick? CONTINUITY PLEASE!!!!!! Ok rant over. Drew reminds Elena that he warned her if she stayed here too long she would end up with one of these dopes. There seems to be no love lost between Chris and Drew, however J. Ro is his boy…. ummmm J. Ro? God please never say that…ever…again. Looks like bad boy Drew is tighter with John Ross than Chrissypoo… not shocking.

“There’s the prettiest Mother in Texas” annnddd there’s our lovely Sue Ellen! John Ross/Sue Ellen scenes are always a favorite, even if he is pulling the wool over her eyes. John Ross encourages her to do something for herself, cash in on her investments. Sue Ellen thinks its nearly impossible for Elena to get the oil on the Henderson property, but John Ross says that it is possible and she might want to think about building her own empire. John Ross turns on the puppy dog eyes when talking about his broken heart, Sue Ellen jumps at the chance to “show that girl exactly who she’s dealing with”. Whoot! Watch out Elena!

Drew tells Elena he came back to Dallas to drill on their father’s land. Elena breaks the news to him that Carmen sold the land to Bobby in order to pay bills and debts they owed. Drew vows to get their land back in order to honor their father’s legacy.

Rebecca confronts Pamela asking about the location of her brother. She tells Pamela about the voicemail incriminating her in Tommy’s disappearance. She tries to convince Rebecca that she didn’t harm Tommy, nor does she know his whereabouts. Detective so and so interrogates Pamela about the voicemail. She gives some story about how Tommy had been threatening her and she was afraid Christopher might do something to him; after all he threatened to hurt Tommy. Pamela tells Frank to pay off Rebecca to get her out of town.

Elena tells Christopher about Drew wanting to drill on her father’s old land. We learn that Drew was present when their father died and he was unable to save him, even though he was just a child at the time. Sue Ellen (wearing a small zebra) shows up to visit Elena and asks about the drilling on the Henderson property. Elena seems taken aback by Sue Ellen’s hostility in regards to this business situation. Sue Ellen gives her one month to get the oil, or she’s calling in the loan. Christopher’s spy, I mean secretery tells them that John Ross has been calling his mother a lot (because that’s weird?) and just gave her a check for her foundation (again that’s weird?).

Detective so-and-so calls Christopher and has him come down to Pamela’s old apartment. They found blood evidence on the floor; they think whoever was shot there is dead. Christopher sends Rebecca a text telling her Tommy is dead (way to jump to conclusions) and that she may be in danger. She scoops up her stuff and hits the door, voila! Hello Frank!

Elena heads out to the old land and finds Drew mulling over their father’s life. She tells him about the Henderson property and asks for his help drilling. He smirks which I assume means he is going to do it… I don’t trust him. Kuno Becker is doing a good job fitting in… oddly I find that Jordana has better chemistry with her “brother” than she does with either or her love interests.

John Ross finds Bubba, Elena’s drill informant, at a bar. He offers to buy him a drink and discusses the salt dome that’s in the way of the oil. He asks Bubba for a favor, to not strike oil until he gets the ok from John Ross. In return he gets his “undying friendship” and a wad of cash.

The King, J.R. appears in Frank’s room in a beautifully shot scene. He looks so regal and devious in that leather chair. God I’m sure going to miss Larry Hagman. He questions Frank’s ninja abilities and then gets down to business. He heard they found some blood smatterings over at Pamela’s old place, looks like the clean up guy didn’t do the best job. He preys on Frank’s insecurities in regards to being Cliff’s right hand… and now being ordered around by a spoiled princess. J.R. wants to know the location of the body and the murder weapon; he’ll make sure it shows up and Pamela is the one to blame, Frank gets his seat back at the head of the Barnes table and Pamela doesn’t get any shares of Ewing Energies- its a win/win! J.R. will be expecting his call…

Christopher gets confirmation that the blood was indeed Tommy’s and it is now a homicide investigation. Back at the courthouse, they’re waiting on Becky to show up for another annulment hearing. Pamela tries to talk to Christopher and he waves her off telling her he’a afraid of her… is he this big of a baby??? Not sure I like how Bobby’s son has turned out…Bobby may be the softer of the brothers, but he’s no pansy.

Speaking of Bobby, bad news. Apparently the stature of limitations on Emma’s kidnapping has passed (must be a Texas law cause in New York there is none). The only way they can prosecute Harris is if she was sexually abused. Bobby encourages them to do something to make Harris pay, Ann overhears, grabs her bag and heads out the door… where’s she running off to?

BEST SCENE OF THE NIGHT: Bobby walks into J.R.’s room where he is googling himself on his iPad! Oh J.R. hahaha! “It appears I was quite the scoundrel”, Lord you have no idea! Bobby appeals to his big brother for help taking down Harris Ryland. J.R. assures Bobby that he will help him take down Harris, “Don’t you worry little brother, its gonna be my masterpiece” Who else LOVED Bobby going to J.R.? I’ll say it again, I sure am going to miss Larry Hagman.

John Ross shows up at Pamela’s wanting to know if she had anything to do with Tommy’s supposed death. He even tries to give her an excuse, “I know he hit you…was it a fight? I mean you were just protecting yourself right?”. Pamela wants to know why he cares but before he can question her more she slaps her lips on his and its desk sex for these two! I sincerely hope this stops once she starts showing…ewww….

Ann finds Harris sitting in his study reading. She wants to know why he took her away; he says she knows why because she was about to leave him. This is of course after he’s frisked her for a wire and made her unbutton her blouse to prove there’s no recording devices. Then he taunts her with all the things she missed, her first steps, dance recitals, any of her birthdays, nights snuggled up telling her bedtime stories… “Oh it helped a lot” and then… BOOM!!!!! Ann pulls out her handgun and shoots Harris in the chest!?!?!?!? WTF!!! OMG!!!! Did that JUST HAPPEN?!?!!? Is he dead??? But he’s a series regular?? His name is in the credits??? Is it next monday yet??

Quotes from the Night:

“Son, that girl stomped all over your heart like a braman bull going after a rodeo clown. You use those puppy dog eyes you got from me, and thats gonna bring out the mama bear in Sue Ellen.”

“Vengeance won’t heal a broken heart”

“Its a sad day when an old man can sneak up on a super ninja”

“We both know rich folks don’t go to jail”

“I can make a body appear in the middle of a church social without anybody knowing how it got there”

“It’s a rare and beautiful thing when enemies share the same enemy”

“Don’t you worry little brother, it’s gonna be my masterpiece”

Review by MimiC


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