Review/Recap of Dallas TNT premiere

Dallas TNT review

Warning contains spoilers for the first two episodes of season two 

Dallas returns tonight with a vengeance! But before they got the ball rolling, a moving message from the cast in regards to the “beginning of the final season with our beloved Larry Hagman”. Appropriately the message was given by Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy, while the youngsters stood in the background. “The legacy of J.R. Ewing will live on each week through the Ewing family in this incredible new season of Dallas”.

Cue an excellent recap of Season 1… if you are just tuning in, all you need to know is in that 45 seconds; though I could have done without the cheesy bold words popping in and out.

It appears as though Cynthia listened to the fans during the break as our opening scene is that of Sue Ellen campaigning with bestie Ann Ewing on the sidelines. There will be a lot of Sue Ellen in these first 2 episodes. John Ross gets himself involved in a bachlorette party and ends up taking the bride home (her home) where she happens to be the daughter of Mr Cartwell, a man he’s trying to buy a fleet of trucks from for Ewing Energies. He blackmails Mr Cartwell with a tape of him having sex with his daughter and well… the trucks now belong to John Ross! He’s just as good as his Daddy! Cue amazing theme music and we’re off!!! Season 2 of The Ewing’s has begun.

Ewing Energies appears to be doing well, not only do they have a very swanky office, but they also have a methane fueled Race Car! Ricky Rudd (former NASCAR driver) who is also the head of the DCT (Dallas City Transportation) is interested in taking it for a spin. Christopher is trying to get him to convert the city fleets into methane fueled vehicles.

The second Larry Hagman hits the screen, tears welled in my eyes, its just so sad watching him; knowing it won’t be long until he’s gone forever from our screens. So we must cherish every moment this man is on! Christopher and John Ross are at odds once again and the latter feels that Bobby and Christopher are always going to vote against him as they have controlling shares together.

Chris meets up with the REAL Rebecca Sutter. She agrees to testify so Christopher can get an annulment from “Rebecca” and get custody of his un-born twins. John Ross is having her followed and finds her to be very useful to him.

Harris Ryland confronts Ann with news that he’s found their long lost daughter; he will give her the address where she can be found in exchange for the tape she made of him confessing to bribe Sue Ellen. Ann comes clean to Bobby right away who is shocked at first but immediately agrees to figure it all out with her. She tells him that her daughter was abducted at the state fair when she was 18 months old. They decide to get a DNA test to be certain that this girl is her daughter before going further. The results confirm the girl Harris claims to have “found” is indeed Ann’s daughter. Sue Ellen, like the great friend she is, hands the tape over to Harris and encourages Ann to “go find your daughter”. Bobby is not pleased that Ann gave Harris the information, he feels he could have “dealt” with Ryland. Ann and Bobby head off the meet her daughter, and the reaction isn’t exactly as Ann anticipated. Emma was expecting them and she wants nothing to do with her mother. Ann collapses in tears and Bobby carries her off.

Rebecca err I mean Pamela is back and she’s ready to “make an entrance”. She invites Christopher to speak with her and he brings Daddy along for the ride. They are both confused when they pull up out front of Barnes Global.. hehe just wait boys! Up to the conference room they go where “Rebecca” reveals that while her Mama calls her Becky, Daddy calls her Pamela. Yes indeed, she is Pamela Rebecca Barnes. She claims she changed her name so the burden of the Barnes name wouldn’t ruin her chance with the Ewing family as it did for Bobby and Pam. She still claims to have loved Christopher and offers him a deal. She believes she should get a part of Ewing Energies since it was created during their marriage. Christopher puts on his whiny face and Pamela threatens him. (Her stink eye is WAY better than yours Chris)

Bobby and Christopher share the news with J.R., John Ross, and Elena where they assure them that with their secret witness, the judge will grant the annulment and all will be right again. J.R. is not convinced that the legal system will be able to stop Cliff Barnes. John Ross assures them that he’s in on taking down Barnes, “you’re enemy is my enemy”.

Sue Ellen has a huge let down in terms of her campaign when the medical examiner resigns and comes clean about her bribing him. J.R. is shown watching the news announcement and is clearly upset for his ex-wife.

Elena and Christopher seem to be doing marvelous in their new coupledom as precious screen time that could have been reserved for J.R. or Sue Ellen was wasted on these 2 in the pool. My hope this season was that the writers would add more depth to the character of Elena so that we could all understand what exactly it is about her that drives these two Ewing men insane… Season 1 didn’t convince me AT ALL that she was worth all of this boohooing over. The first episode makes it seem like this is what the writers are “trying” to do. Elena heads off on her own to secure some oil plots that are virtually useless, but contain methane. She desperately wants to prove she deserves to be an equal partner in Ewing energies.

John Ross visits Pamela and the two enter into an unlikely alliance (their Daddies will not be happy). Pamela is hesitant, but John Ross presents Rebecca Sutter as their secret weapon.

And end hour 1! Excellent jump start, this show keeps you on your toes. So much happens in such a short amount of time.

The second hour, “Venomous Creatures” starts immediately, you don’t even realize you’ve gotten into the second hour until the opening credits pop up again, which I couldn’t help but notice in hour 1 Jesse Metcalfe’s name appeared first… in hour 2 Josh Henderson’s name appeared first. They pick up with Christopher restoring his old crib for the twins… ummm I won’t discuss the myriad of problems with this idea. Cribs from the 80′s are basically death traps for children, not to mention Chris, you only have 1 and there are 2 babies on the way… I digress.

John Ross and J.R. head over to Sue Ellen’s place where she has just poured herself a tall glass of wine. Thankfully they knock before she can put it back. J.R. compliments Sue Ellen and assures her that she will beat this problem and he’s going to help. I loved this scene, seeing these 3 together! Great family moment with them all sticking together. J.R. even puts in a bid for Sue Ellen to visit Ann; she’s really broken up over the Emma thing. Sue Ellen pours the wine down the sink… who else was secretly hoping she’d take a swig?

Ann has taken to her bed over the whole Emma thing and it appears that she’s being medicated by a nurse? Call me evil but isn’t this reaction a bit much? Either way, Bobby is determined to figure out exactly what is going on in regards to the Emma story. He confronts Harris with his suspicions that something is not right with the sudden appearance of his daughter. Harris inquires whether or not Ann asked for a shot yet to take the edge off, Bobby seems taken aback. Hmm perhaps there’s more to the story about Ann than we know… Bobby heads back to the horse ranch and finds out that Emma’s horse just got in from London along with it’s owner. Bobby learns that Harris Ryland owns the horse that Ms Emma Brown has been riding for 8 years.

Pamela jumps in on the board meeting at Barnes Global (Frank is not pleased) and she proposes that they refocus the company on energy, return to their roots. Frank tries to discourage her but she demotes him to second seat and takes over the meeting. Pamela proves to be a worthy adversary as Rebecca Sutter takes the stand and sides with Pamela. She ruins the whole case for Christopher and the judge rules that the annulment will not be granted and they will move forward with divorce proceedings. She heads over to see Rebecca and gives her money to get out of town; she promises to help her find Tommy (which we all know is not happening since she killed him).

Elena tells Christopher about the deal she made in the last episode and the two of them get very excited about it all. Guess methane plots turn them on? Apparently so because Christopher and Bobby agree to give her some of their shares since she’s proven herself worthy. John Ross obliges and now the four of them are equal partners. Elena gives him a hug thank you and Christopher’s face turns the same shade of red as Elena’s blouse. Christopher isn’t convinced of John Ross’ sincerity and he sets his secretary on a mission to find out dirt about him.

John Ross is in Pamela’s limo after court taking her off guard. She tries to take back the upper hand by informing him that they will maintain this alliance on her terms. John Ross proposes that when he takes over Ewing Energies, he’ll hand over all the methane properties to her as well as crush Christopher in the process.

J.R. makes good on his word and bribes the State Attorney to not pursue legal action against Sue Ellen. These scenes are fantastic! Larry is one of the greatest actors that ever lived. He pops in on Pamela while she’s arguing with Frank about her sudden involvement in the board. He warns her that he’s “1 for 1 on flushing out Pamela’s” and he plans on being 2 for 2! He and John Ross discuss their plans, though it seems Junior has plans of his own.

Christopher gets a package from route messenger (we later learn this was sent by Frank who is obviously trying to get Pamela out of the Barnes Global picture). It contains a recording of Pamela threatening Tommy which he brings to Rebecca Sutter to hear. He thinks its possible that Pamela is responsible for Tommy’s disappearance. The recording also reveals that Rebecca knew about their deception the whole time. Looks like she won’t be helping out John Ross and Pamela after all.

We were treated to some great Sue Ellen/Ann scenes this week as the two discuss their respective exes. Sue Ellen admits she was happy J.R. is trying to help her out and she confesses about the wine. As this convo is going on, they’re cutting back and forth between J.R. blackmailing the State Attorney.

J.R. visits Sue Ellen to discuss the good news that she won’t be going to jail. She gives him a little kiss on the cheek to say thank you and invites him in for tea! Awwwwww… you can tell the plan was to get these two back together…

John Ross meets up with Pamela at her place and they negotiate. John Ross will receive 70% of her shares of Ewing Energies in exchange for the methane patent. He’s going to leave when the elevator suddenly brings him back up and its shirts off for these two!!

Bobby shows up at Ryland’s home and finds Judith Brown Ryland, Harris’ mother, Emma’s grandmother. I must say Judith Light is such an amazing actress (even if she’s only 3 years older than her on screen son). It is revealed that Harris has had their daughter this whole time, she was never really kidnapped, they just made it seem that way. Emma sticks up for her father claiming that he “saved her” from her mother.

This season looks like it’s going to be full of fireworks! In her short time on my screen, Judith Light had me sold on her character; I loved her accent. Josh Henderson stands out again as the strongest of the younger set. Julie Gonzalo proves she’s got what it takes to go toe to toe with the greats as her “new” character is way more feisty than last season. While I love Jordana Brewster, I’m still waiting for that moment when I begin to love/care about Elena. Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, and Larry Hagman as treasures as always. I look forward to Season 2!

Quotes of the Night:

“I’ve watched enough Law & Order to know its you who’s been wronged” Rebecca Sutter

“Vengeance is dish best served cold” J.R.

“I came over to deliver some muffins to the pretty little secretaries. Couldn’t a guessed so many would turn out to be men. Where’s the sport in that?” J.R.

“We should hire some rough necks, take him for a long ride if ya ask me. I’m just putting it on the table Bobby” J.R.

“We do not negotiate with terrorists” Bobby

“Makes you wanna punch something doesn’t it… love, hate, jealousy, makes a mean martini” J.R.

“You wanted a war! You got one!” Christopher

“Son you got the devil in ya” J.R. “Takes one to know one” John Ross

“She really did a number on ya? Carved your heart out with a spoon, then licked it clean” J.R.

Review by MimiC

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