Spoilers Dallas TNT season two and the secret room 22

Not long to wait now my Forkie friends as Dallas returns to TNT on January 28th 2013 and for those of you who like to speculate on what’s coming up  you can find updated spoilers on this page. Some confirmed, unconfirmed and some good old rumors plus the revelation of the mysterious room 22.

  •  JR’s memorial service will  take place  in episode 8 currently titled JR’s Masterpiece
  • JR will definitely not die peacefully in his sleep (confirmed)
  • Characters confirmed as returning for episode 8 include Mandy Winger, Cally Harper, Steve Kanaly, Charlene Tilton, Ken Kercheval and Ted Shakellford. Other characters from the original show are definitely returning. It is rumored that the actors who played Jenna Wade (Krebbs), Donna Krebbs (Dowling), James Beaumont were  invited to return. Deborah Rennard who played Sly will not be back. According to Deborah the character was initially in but the final script omitted the character.
  • It is rumored that Mandy says a few words at the memorial and Cally leaves with a surprise revelation.
  • Tabloid newspapers state that JR’s exit will involve a rehash of the who shot JR storyline. Another suggestion involves a hostage situation at Southfork in episode 6 involving JR, Sue Ellen, Bobby, and John Ross and a vengeful Vicente Cano.
  • All the the characters will be filmed performing a eulogy at Southfork and some selected for broadcast in the episode
  • The tribute episode may include an updated version of the  iconic original 3 way split opening
  • A mysterious set has appeared at the real Southfork Ranch – room 22. It’s under lock and key – not even the staff at the ranch are allowed inside. What is the mystery behind room 22? Let is know your ideas.
  • Sue Ellen’s run for governor will be threatened by the secret that she bribed a medical examiner to help get John Ross off the hook for murder
  • Carmen will appear in the first three episodes and then leave for Mexico.  She returns in episode 8
  • We learn Carmen’s back-story this season
  • Is ex alcoholic Sue Ellen going to hit the bottle again?
Sue Ellen Ewing Dallas TNT season two

Is Sue Ellen about to hit the bottle?


  •  Ann Ewing’s past comes back to haunt her in season two of Dallas on TNT. Remember the burning photo and envelope containing secrets from her past? All will be revealed with the return of Ann’s daughter Emma and viewers may discover Ann is not exactly who we think she is as secrets come back to haunt her.
  •  Judith Light joins the cast as Harris Ryland’s mother Judith . An authoritative and controlling battle-ax who will fight to the death to protect the people she loves. And for the people she loves, she uses every psychological trick in the book to make them do what she wants.
  • Emma Bell joins as series regular of the second season to TNT drama series Dallas. She will play Emma Brown, Ann Ewing’s (Brenda Strong) daughter. She makes her debut in the January 28 season premiere. She appears with Larry Hagman in tense courtroom scenes he completed days before his death. Brown is described as a sheltered classic beauty who was raised by her grandmother  and has traveled through Europe since she was a toddler. An avid equestrian, she feels safest in her bubble but is about to discover what lies beyond .
Emma with her grandmother Judith in episode 5 of Dallas on TNT

Emma with her grandmother Judith in a courtroom scene episode 5 of Dallas on TNT


  •  Gary Ewing returns to Dallas as the story revisits the mineral rights. He is later joined by his wife Valene Ewing.
  • It is rumored that Gary and Val will have marriage problems resulting in Gary growing closer to Sue Ellen Ewing (both having a common bond over alcohol addiction).  Valene is not going to be happy.
  • Rebecca Ewing reveals her real identity as Pamela Rebecca Barnes early in the series run
  • Cliff’s empire is revealed as Barnes Global
  • The real Rebecca Sutter (Alex McKenna) returns as Christopher tracks her down in an attempt to prove Pamela Rebecca’s guilt
The real Rebecca Sutter meets John Ross on Dallas TNT season two

The real Rebecca Sutter meets John Ross on Dallas TNT season two


  • Audrey Landers returns to play Afton Cooper the mother of Pamela Rebecca but will not be present at JR’s memorial.
Audrey Landers as Afton in Dallas TNT season 2

Afton meets her estranged daughter Pamela Rebecca


  • Ken Kercheval so far appears in episode 4 and episode 8 as Cliff Barnes
  • Charlene Tilton returns as Lucy Ewing in a story arc involving Gary and Val. She will also attend the memorial of JR.
  • J.R. will team up with John Ross to take over Sue Ellen’s loan to Elena to gain her shares and total control over Bobby Christopher and John Ross’ new startup company, Ewing Energies
  • Pamela Rebecca will return with a whole new attitude. Alexis Colby watch out!
  •  Eagle eyed fans spotted what appears to be Rebecca and John Ross in bed together in the TNT trailer for season 2.  Will there be a Barnes/Ewing collaboration seeking revenge on Christoper and Elena?
  • Andres (Drew) Ramos (Kuno Becker), the estranged older brother of Jordana Brewster’s Elena (pictured). He is going to cause mayhem for Christopher. He comes back from Afghanistan with a lot of anger and wants to drill his late father’s land,” says Becker,  Drew will go to extreme measures to get what he wants. “I’ve had to do a lot of training with firearms, and I get to shoot in a big action scene, but I can’t reveal at what or who”
Kuno Becker creates problems for Christopher

Kunco Becker will play Drew Ramos

  • Chris and Elena are completely loved up in season 2 as they plan to marry but the scheming of their enemies could drive them from the altar.
  • We finally get to see where Sue Ellen lives when we see her stylish house (Linda Gray will appear in all fifteen episodes of season two)
Sue Ellen Ewing Dallas TNT

Linda Gray and Larry Hagman film a scene at the home of Sue Ellen

  • The premiere episodes find the Ewings in court. Could this be connected to the annulment Christopher is seeking and will the scheming Pamela manage to turn the tables on her husband?
Ewings in court TNT Dallas season two

Pamela Rebbecca gets ready for filming in a courtroom

  •  Other newcomers this season are Annie Wersching of 24 fame who plays an ambitious and sexy transportation commissioner and popular Mexican actress Kate del Castillo.
  • Still no news on the original Pamela. She will not appear in season two unless she mysteriously appears at JR’s memorial. There is more chance that Jock Ewing will be back and he’s been dead for over 30 years if you take my point.



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