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You can read a few of the more ‘alternative’ ideas below. Sorry we could not publish all them due to the large response. But feel free to carry on emailing your ideas to admin@ultimatedallas.com or comment on the original article

[divide style=”2″] The two biggest things to happen on the original series was “Who shot JR?” and the fight over Ewing Oil set forth by Jock’s will. They should combine the two ideas in a grand “Who killed JR?” story arc, with the outcome of his inheritance hinging on who ends up having killed him.


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 Dear Sir/Madam,
There were two characters popular among people of the world one was JR Ewing and the other one Alexis(Joan Collins) in Dynasty. With Mr Larry Hagman passed away, unfortunatelly the rating of Dallas may not be as popular  ever again. You need to replace JR Ewing with a new charactor played by Joan Collins to act similar to Alexis in Dynasty to promote Dallas. She could play it as if she some how is related to JR through being his mistress in secret and have been married to him in secret and that is why no one knew. Perhaps you could even bring back Joan Collins as Alexis herself


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I think JR should die simply of old age.  Since he obviously can’t play the part, he could die in his sleep. I don’t feel he needs to go out with a bang. His memories will continue on screen and in real life this way, without major headlines like who shot JR?
A simple demise will give the dallas characters a chance to express their feelings good n bad. For a twist? bring back Victoria Principal to play Pam. Have it be JR took her from the hospital and they somehow fell in love even though throughout the years they hated each other


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Here’s my proposal. The episode that is dedicated to the memory of Larry Hagman is introduced in the classic style. You know the 3 ways split, showing the character from old, middle and modern, including his best friends – Patrick and Linda. His journey from past to present.

I am like you; I love Dallas so much! 


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  Those ideas I read about are great. Here’s my idea. Obviously this is all off camera. J.R. & Cliff are on a plane together & it crashes. There is reportedly no survivors. This would be the ultimate revenge for J.R. He takes his #1 enemy with him. It would be ironic for two men that hated each other all their lives to die together. Then everybody has to figure out why they were on a plane together & what or who caused the crash. Jock died in a helicopter crash so J.R. dies in a plane crash. The Barnes Ewing feud would continue then with Rebecca, Frank, John Ross, & Christopher. Of course this means the end of Cliff but it would happen off camera. So who really knows?

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I personaly think it would be fitting for larrys JR to be found dead from a heart attack behide the desk at a new ewing oil? it would have been revealed JR had a bad heart problem from to much stress, affairs and booze which had been diagnosed years before but hidden from the family and this was also part of his depression aswell as loosing ewing oil. the title of the show could be called ( the king has left the building)


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JR should die from excitment following a tantric massage from Penny or Bunty. Maybe both.  


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It would be great that in the seventh or eighth episode of the second season Cliff will lose all his money, because J.R.  got it all. Cliff wil be sad and commits suicide. Then in the last episode of the second season J.R. (J.R.’s stand-in) will be shot again at Ewing Energies, like in 1981. It has to be “Who Shot J.R. 2.0″. But now J.R. is really dead. Who did it???

Then in the third season the killer of J.R. will be revealed. It’s Pamela Ewing (guest role by Victoria Principal).



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Jock Ewing died in a plane crash— wasn’t it going to see about oil in South America, or something of that nature?  JR could also pass while away from home, whether it be a plane crash as with his Daddy, or a heart attack while pulling off the biggest deal of his life.

    What if he located Pam, say she had been in seclusion  due to her injuries and amnesia years ago?

After JR fills Pam in on her brother Cliff’s shenanigans (w/Rebecca and Chris, etc.), Pam decides its time to surface….and take Cliff down.  JR may be gone, but still manages to stick it to Cliff with his own sister; Cliff has no recourse, as JR is already left the earth!  Whether he dies in a plane crash coming back after setting the plan in motion, or a heart attack after a last meeting with Pam, before he can fly home…and so on. 

   And having Pam “bring JR home”, and breaking the news to the family…..such drama!!!


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Larry Hagman has left big shoes to fill. However, I feel that Jerry VerDorn would be an incredible replacement. You would also gain tons of soap opera fans. Jerry played Clint Bucanan on One Life to live, and Ross Marler on Guilding Light. You could hit a home run with Jerry VerDorn. Please check him out!


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During the reading of JR’s will he leaves everything to his beloved R.J.
R.J. is his eldest child from an affair he had with a woman during his time in the Air Force. However, it was one of his biggest and best kept secrets. The only people who knew about R.J. were Gary and Valene Ewing, giving the reason J.R. always tried to keep Gary away from Southfork.
When R.J. is finally located, surprise rocks the Ewings, R.J., isn’t for Ross John as was expected, but Dr. Rachel Joy Ewing-Butler, who is happily married and expecting her 3rd child.
But another shocker is that Rachel’s mother was black and had died when she was 7, the same year JR married Sue Ellen. 


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…Lets fast forward now to last season and remember that JR was going through some old family archives and a book surfaced from his Mother with “all of the secrets, good and bad”. Here’s what could have given JR a heart attack! What’s to say that he started looking further in that book and discovered that he wasn’t Jock Ewing’s son, but that he was Diggers son!!! Now put that piece of land with all of that oil under it between the Barn’s family the Ewing’s and John Ross! That would be a Fire Storm! 


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Southfork should burn to the ground with JR saving Sue Ellen. He runs back in believing he needs to save John Ross but John Ross is already safe. I don’t think JR is strong enough to carry Sue Ellen so he needs to drag her out before it explodes. In a tragic twist the mother cook and Ann Ewing also perish in the flames. 


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Just do JR Ewing justice so he wins out over everyone. The will creates a big family divide. Please do the idea of Sue Ellen being the powerhouse


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