How to write out a television icon?

The death of beloved Larry Hagman leaves TNT producers with the mammoth task of writing a final farewell to the legendary JR Ewing.
Cynthia Cidre has confirmed the character will get a fitting end in season two and the production team are currently discussing ideas on how to write the character out.

From the numerous emails we have received and posts on the messageboard it is clear that Dallas fans have a list of must haves for a final farewell to JR Ewing.

I have together pulled some ideas and would love your thoughts and suggestions.

1. Reactions – The characters must react true to type. A Cliff Barnes sobbing at the loss of JR Ewing would be out of character. Sentimentality where it’s fitting.  John Ross could go off the rails and obviously Sue Ellen will be devastated as she deals with her conflicting love and hate for her ex-husband.

2. Final revenge – JR needs to leave a surprise for his surviving relatives and adversaries. The idea of one final devastating act of revenge on Cliff Barnes seems fitting.  

3. Family battle –JR is out of the business world (although we have yet to see season two) but he needs to leave a legacy that creates a battle ground for the remaining Ewings. One suggestion is to have the Southfork deed that JR gave to Bobby turn out to be a fake and JR still owns the Ewing home or it turns out he owns Ewing Energies.  The reading of the will should really set things in motion. Perhaps JR still feels John Ross needs to learn a lesson so pits him against his cousin Christopher (a hark back to Jock’s will) or maybe he leaves Sue Ellen holding the power card. Let battle commence…..

4. Returnees – Characters from the past need to return to bid farewell to JR.  As well as the main cast from the original series it would be great to see characters such as Sly and Marilee, perhaps even Serena. One suggestion is that Sly was working behind the scenes for JR and delivers a surprise for the Ewings.

5. Final quote   In true soap style JR needs to leave a personal letter to his family and enemies. All written in the true voice of JR with a final memorable quote.

6. Missing heirs – Obviously JR’s other children are still out there. James Beaumont and his child with Cally. But bringing these characters in at this point  may make the story telling overly complex.

7. Flashbacks – I’m  not a big fan of flashbacks but your emails suggest otherwise. Implemented in the right way they could be really poignant.

8. Portrait -  A portrait of JR needs to be a prominent feature in the show. Ideally in a similar style to Jock’s original portrait.  One idea is for Bobby, Sue Ellen and John Ross to  hang the portrait together in an intimate scene.

9. Ewing Energies – It was a smart move by the writers to go back to the original Ewing building. This building was in JR’s soul and where Jock taught him the oil business. We love the idea of JR’s portrait hanging here and perhaps the final scene is the lights at Ewing Oil being switched off and just the shot of a back-lit portrait with a series of audio quotes from JR playing out. JR had some fantastic sayings but this one is a classic – “Don’t forgive and never forget; Do unto others before they do unto you; and third and most importantly, keep your eye on your friends, because your enemies will take care of themselves.

10. Last laugh – However they decide to write out JR the most important thing is that he has to have the last laugh and go out on top. In my mind I want to think of JR looking down on those he has left behind and to hear that devious laugh.

 How would you like to see JR Ewing exit the show?

You can let us know by commenting below, posting on the messageboard or email us at

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