No Pamela for Dallas TNT

Pamea Ewing not returning to Dallas TNT

No return to Dallas for Victoria Principal

Dallas showrunner Cynthia Cidre has said that the character of Pam is unlikely to return to the show.

Bobby’s ex-wife – played by Victoria Principal is not currently planned to appear in the revamped soap’s second season.

“It’s not in our plans so far and I’ve pitched the whole season,” Cidre told the Tuned In Journal.

Cidre went on to say “So now I’ve got seven people and it seemed as if that [Bobby-Pam] love story had been exhausted. I didn’t know what I could possibly bring to that love story. It seemed to me at the time it needed a breath of fresh air, so I said let’s give Bobby a new wife, having no idea what a pot I was stirring.”

Cidre said it wasn’t until later that journalists and viewers began asking, what about Pam?

“I personally have not reached out to her and to my knowledge the studio hasn’t either,” Cidre said, “and I don’t think she has any interest in it.”


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