Season Two Dallas TNT Spoilers

Dallas returns to TNT on January 28th 2013 and leading up to the event you can find updated spoilers on this page, some confirmed, unconfirmed and rumors.

1.  Ann Ewing’s past comes back to haunt her in season two of Dallas on TNT. Remember the burning photo and envelope containing secrets from her past? All will be revealed with the return of Ann’s daughter Emma and viewers may discover Ann is not exactly who we think she is as secrets come back to haunt her.

2. Emma Bell joins as series regular of the second season to TNT drama series Dallas. She will play Emma Brown, Ann Ewing’s (Brenda Strong) daughter. Brown is described as a sheltered classic beauty who was raised by her grandmother and has traveled through Europe since she was a toddler. An avid equestrian, she feels safest in her bubble but is about to discover what lies beyond

3.  The real Rebecca Sutter (Alex McKenna) returns in the premiere episode as Christopher tracks her down in an attempt to find Tommy and discover his wife’s true identity.

The real Rebecca Sutter meets John Ross on Dallas TNT season two

The real Rebecca Sutter meets John Ross on Dallas TNT season two

4.  Sue Ellen’s run for governor will be threatened by the secret that she bribed a medical examiner to help get John Ross off the hook for murder. In one of her first scenes she can be seen contemplating whether to down her favorite alcoholic tipple.

5. Audrey Landers returns to play Afton Cooper the mother of Pamela Rebecca.

6. Ken Kercheval appears in episode 4 as Cliff Barnes

7. This season will see another Cattle Barons Ball

8. Charlene Tilton returns as Lucy Ewing for two episodes (unconfirmed)

9.  J.R. will team up with John Ross to take over Sue Ellen’s loan to Elena and, in turn, gain total control over Christopher and John Ross’ new startup company, Ewing Energies

10. Pamela Rebecca will be seen flying a helicopter (a woman of many talents)

11.  Andres (Drew) Ramos, the estranged older brother of Jordana Brewster’s Elena (pictured). Andres is described as being in his early-to-mid 30s, Hispanic, sexy and with a “great body.”

12. John Ross will be playing the field with the women in season two. Like father like son

13. Chris and Elena will become an established couple but there is trouble on the horizon. Will it last?

14.  Pamela Rebecca is revealed to the Ewing family early in season two.

15.  We finally get to see where Sue Ellen lives (Linda Gray will appear in all fifteen episodes of season two)

Sue Ellen Ewing Dallas TNT

Linda Gray and Larry Hagman film a scene at the home of Sue Ellen

16. Judith Light joins the cast and rumored to be playing Ann’s mother. An authoritative and controlling battle-ax who will fight to the death to protect the people she loves. And for the people she loves, she uses every psychological trick in the book to make them do what she wants. We know Ann’s daughter Emma Brown was raised by her grandmother so it makes sense.

17. The premiere episodes find the Ewings in court.

Ewings in court TNT Dallas season two

Pamela Rebbecca gets ready for filming in a courtroom

18. Joan Van Ark and Donna Mills have both met with series Producer Cynthia Cidre. Could we see them in Dallas season two?

19. Victoria Principal WILL NOT appear in season two (did you really expect she would?)

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