Audrey Landers for season two of Dallas on TNT

Audrey Landers who played Afton Cooper in the original series of Dallas has been confirmed to make an appearance in season two  of Dallas on TNT.

Afton Cooper, the girlfriend of Cliff Barnes, made her last appearance in 1989 when she returned to Dallas with Cliff’s daughter.


The season one finale of Dallas on TNT revealed that Christoper Ewing’s wife Rebecca Sutter was actually Pamela Rebecca Barnes and working with her father as part of his plan to attack the Ewing family.

Series exec producer Cynthia Cidre informed us in a recent interview that Afton would be reunited with her daughter – “We do have a plot where it would be organic. It’s not just somebody walking through a barbeque but where it would make sense for Afton to see her daughter.

Ken Kercheval made the official announcement on Twitter – Official my darling #AudreyLanders will be back on #dallas. Now you have to wait to see what will happen. Only Cynthia knows.

Dallas returns to TNT in January 2013 with season two.

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