Cynthia Cidre torn about Pam but Afton on the horizon

In an interview with series show runner Cynthia Cidre revealed she is torn about the character of Pamela.

Cidre told Ultimate Dallas “It’s open and I’m torn about it. I’m torn about visiting her grave so that ends or keeping the hope alive. I don’t really know. We don’t really know what to do about that”

Victoria Principal was last seen as Pamela Ewing in 1987 when her car exploded into a fireball. The character was seen a year later explaining to her doctor that she did not want to return to Dallas knowing she only had a few months to live.

 Pamela Ewing played by Margaret Michaels Pamela played by Margaret Michaels reveals she only has a few months to live

Cynthia went on to  say that a resolution to Pamela is unlikely in the next season “Season two is pretty much laid out”.

But there is good news for one Dallas old guard as Afton Cooper played Audrey Landers looks likely to return in season two.

Yes I would like to [bring her back]. So we will see and how if that works out. I have said it somewhere so her agent has been in touch. We do have a plot where it would be organic. It’s not just somebody walking through a barbeque but where it would make sense for Afton to see her daughter.”

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