Linda Gray – message to the fans

Linda Gray returned to to chat about the fan and press reaction to our previous interview

Linda expressed some of her frustrations and has a message to her fans. You can read the full interview here

Please note the interview contains spoilers for those yet to see the new series. You can read the section specific to fans in the UK below.

Josh – Channel Five in the UK are about to show Dallas. Are you there for the big launch party?

Linda - Well I will be there absolutely for the launch party. We’ll be there all next week. We arrive on Saturday and we’ll be there for that week. We got a lot to do. I saw a tentative itinerary, are we busy.

Josh – I know Colin is looking forward to seeing you all

Linda - Will you be there?

Colin - Yeah. I believe so. I have an invite

Linda - Oh yes I hope so. We are all going to be there. How could you not see us? We would be very disappointed.

Josh – You did a Channel Five special with John Barrowman. Is he as crazy as we heard, some of the stories about the shooting?

Linda - Who is this? Do I know him? Who?

Colin – Yes. Wasn’t there something with a cupboard, a closet, with you in a cupboard? (laughs) He came over to Dallas and did a special for Channel Five.

Linda - Oh my god. That one. The cute one? Is that the one you are talking about?

Colin – Yeah (laughs)

Linda - Oh I didn’t recognize his name. I thought he was so adorable. Did that special ever air?

Colin - No no not yet. I think it airs, the week before, or before the series kicks off here.

Linda - Oh you are kidding because we had so much fun. We were very very naughty. We had such a good time.

Josh – Are there any messages you want to send the fans to hold them over until January?

Linda - I want to do a two parter. I want to thank so hugely the fans for being so fabulous, keeping our numbers high so we got picked up in the first place and we can’t wait to do fifteen more for you. Where would we be without fans? We wouldn’t even be on the air. That’s the first statement. I applaud all those fans who have been so faithful to us.

Then to the UK fans when we come over there and when the show starts, I just wanted to tell them Sue Ellen is a little slow in starting in these ten shows but to hang in, don’t get disappointed like the (laughs) American fans are and it’s going to work out just fine. I didn’t want to disappoint, I didn’t want fans to say “You weren’t even in it”, I didn’t want them to do what they are doing here. I want to tell the fans be calm, say nice things (laughs) and know that Sue Ellen is in it for the long haul.

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