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Rebbecca Barnes Dallas TNT finale

Let’s get right to it!! BANG BANG! Tommy is dead! Seriously!! I kinda liked evil Tommy! I was sort of hoping Rebecca would get hit and miscarry (I know I’m mean but a pregnant chick already on the show!) Beccs makes a mysterious phone call and someone shows up to help her clean up the mess. Tommy’s body is taken out in a laundry cart and all evidence of the shooting is wiped clean, by someone and their shoes…. who could it be????

INT: Hospital- The doctor comes out and says Bobby got through the surgery well but because of all the medication he was given, he hasn’t woken yet and we won’t know if there’s any brain damage. JR tells off the nurse and goes into Bobby’s room. He begs his brother to live, to keep fighting, keep fighting with him. “I’m gonna tell you something you never heard me say before, I love you Bobby and I don’t know who I’d be without you.” I’ll admit, I got a little choked up! I just love JR, the bad and the good. I hope Larry Hagman lives to be 115 years old!


John Ross gets a phone call from Vincente reminding him that John Ross is the one who brought him in on the deal in the first place. Elena is creeping in the back but doesn’t hear the conversation. Rebecca shows up at the hospital obviously flustered and bruised. Christopher inquires about her injuries and figures out that Tommy hit her. She assures Chris that Tommy is gone for good (yeah he’s dead) and he asks Rebecca to put her rings back on, since he put his back on. Uh Oh… Beccs gave those to Tommy….Christopher asks John Ross to have Bum find Tommy for him.

Rebecca shows up at the seedy motel Tommy has been staying at and rifles through his room looking for her wedding rings. The phone in the room rings but she ignores it. She finds photographs of her and Tommy kissing and she rips them up and throws them in… the toilet?? ok weird but sure… Alas no rings are to be found and she calls mystery person asking where Tommy’s body was moved too. Next we see her, she’s opening the back of a van that’s hanging out in an airplane hanger. She unwraps Tommy’s corpse and goes looking for her rings (gross), all she finds is a receipt of sale to a pawn shop.

Bobby wakes up….

John Ross brings Elena to the old Ewing Oil space and tells her this is going to be the new location of Ewing Energies. He reminisces about Jock’s office, Bobby’s office, JR’s office. He remembers sitting at Daddy’s desk, looking at the view, wanting to sit where he sat one day. And here we are! So this was Christopher’s surprise… Elena’s surprise?? A giant engagement ring!!! John Ross gives her a heartfelt proposal and Elena says yes!

Back at the pawn shop- the man has sold her rings the day before and Rebecca gives him a wad of cash to get them back for her.

Christopher shows up at the new office so they can celebrate their fresh start. Chris is touched by John Ross finding the old space… then he eyes up Elena’s ring. He reluctantly gives his blessing to them and they toast their new adventures! “to mending fences and to being happy”

Rebecca is remembering shooting Tommy when Christopher shows up. He brought her chinese food… probably not good for the pregnant chick, nor do I think the Chinese food in Dallas is going to compare to the food in China but ehhh…. Chris notices that Rebecca doesn’t have her rings on and asks why.. she gives him some ridiculous excuse about her fingers being swollen from pregnancy… really Rebecca?? You’re like 5 seconds pregnant, you do not have swollen fingers.

JR meets up with Bobby and Lou the Lawyer at the hospital. Bobby says they have unfinished business and JR reminds him that he gave him back Southfork, gave up his birthright… FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!! IN SEASON 2 CAN I PLEASE NEVER HEAR THAT WORD UTTERED AGAIN!!!….JR insists he had nothing to do with the fraud and Bobby tells him all about the cloud device with video footage of JR conspiring with Marta/Veronica. JR doesn’t know how to send an email, there’s no way he has any clue what a cloud device is! Bobby threatens JR that they are going to make this right and JR is going to stop his double dealing. Bobby, sweetie? you have met your brother, right?

Sue Ellen shows up to visit as Bobby is out the door (apparently recovery from brain surgery is a few hours) and Sue Ellen tells Ann she is going to back out of the race for Governor. She doesn’t want to get involved with Ryland and she knows she crossed the line trying to help John Ross so she’s going to step down. Ann insists there must be something she can do.

Christopher and John Ross are playing basketball in the driveway (ADORABLE) and JR and Bobby show up together. (Elena is showing her mom the engagement ring and her mother attempts to be happy about the John Ross situation. Elena is off to find John Ross so her mother can tell him she really likes him…) In the office, JR, Bobby and Lou want John Ross to confess to the authorities since the videos prove he is the one who brought Marta and the Venezuelans into the Southfork deal. John Ross relents but needs assurance that his confession will remain sealed and that no one will tell Elena… too late, she’s eavesdropping in the hallway. Elena barges in “you lied about everything”. John Ross runs after her and he begs her to give him another chance. She says she can’t trust a thing he says. He lied to her face when she asked him about Southfork. Elena tries to give him back her engagement ring and he begs her not to give up on him. He wants her to meet him at the office space tomorrow so they can start fresh. Josh Henderson gives us another fantastic performance here!!! My heart was breaking for him!!!

Ann shows up at Ryland’s office with her heart in her hands. She brings up the necklace and “the past” but we get nothing more about that… sad. Ryland admits he wants Sue Ellen to launder money for him and he proposes that if Ann sleeps with him, he might forget about it. Ann makes us believe she might actually go through with it.. as she pulls open her blouse, we see, a WIRE!!! She’s recorded the whole confession!!! If he tries to screw with her family again, she’ll take it to the police! And she decks him!! AHH I love Ann!!! She’s so awesome!!! “the next time you ask me for a hug, you’ll be hugging the business end of my shotgun!”

Vincente is at his casa meeting with a bald man… must be Frank. Alas, there is Frank… Vincente is selling his lien and Christopher’s technology rights to CLIFF BARNES!!! Ahh I knew he was up to no good!! The feds show up and Vincente is taken out in cuffs. Bobby, Christopher, and JR are there to meet Vincente and they give him the down low on what’s about to go down. We learn that JR and John Ross got immunity for giving their confessions and JR gives a sweet little threat to Vincente. Bobby tells JR that he still has a copy of the cloud drive. Bobby will use the evidence against JR if he tries to cross him. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Ann is being a creepy stalker at the playground again and Sue Ellen meets her. Ann hands over the tape of Ryland’s confession and assures Sue Ellen she is in the clear. I LOVE these 2 women together!

Bobby and Christopher tell John Ross it’s all over with Vincente. Christopher gives John Ross some annoying speech about how he thought he had changed blah blah blah. Bobby implores the two of them to find a way to work together. Bum calls for Christopher, he found Tommy. Chris meets Bum at the seedy motel, but it appears the room has been cleaned up. Chris is frustrated but then… the phone rings.. pick it up! pick it up!!!!!!
“oh Tommy thank God, why haven’t you been answering your cell? Uncle Fred had a heart attack, I need you to come to Des Moines right away.”
“who is this?”
“What do you mean, who is this? It’s your sister, it’s Rebecca” (ahhhhhhh) “who’s this?”

Who else wanted Christopher to say, “your husband!” Ah I was dying, not only is Rebecca and Tommy not brother and sister, but she’s not even REBECCA!!

Rebecca is waiting for Chris to come home and he tells her he just spoke to Tommy’s sister. Who the hell are you!?!?!? Christopher really lets her have it! He is going to find out who she is and he is going to send her to jail and take their babies away from her. She accuses him of always loving Elena… yeah she’s right, but ya know Beccs, that’s not really ammo enough for the whole “I lied about who I am” thing.

Elena puts John Ross’ ring back in the box and is headed out tooooo meet him??? But Christopher gets there first. He reminds her of when her father died at 9 and how he wanted to make her smile, how when they were 15 and they kissed for the first time and he knew he loved her, and when they were 22 and they made love, he knew he wanted to marry her. He gives her back her old engagement ring and tells her its over with Rebecca and he wants Elena back.

Sue Ellen makes an impassioned Governor’s speech, guess she’s not dropping out of the race. I kinda didn’t care about this….

Elena’s mom shows up at the Ewing Energies office and gives John Ross back Elena’s engagement ring. Ann and Bobby look out on Southfork, that is now theirs again. Rebecca shows up at the airplane hanger and guess who’s there?? FRANK?! Yeah I knew it!! She’s working with Cliff Barnes! Not just working with him… he’s her FATHER!!! So the whole Cliff walking down the steps of the plane after Frank says “your father” wasn’t all that shocking since we saw Frank so obviously we deduced that it was Cliff before we saw him… bad reveal guys… should have not shown Frank’s face, voice only. Cliff gives her back the rings and Rebecca (is that really her name or no?) apologizes for screwing up and assures her father she will take down the Ewings. So here’s my question… who is her mother?

The ending segment was fabulous! John Ross looking out over the city/cut to Elena and Christopher gettin it on/ JR shows up with whiskey and a promise to help John Ross steal Ewing Energies from Christopher and Elena. “Now that’s my son, from tip to tail” AHHH perfect ending scene! The same way that Larry Hagman stole the show on the original Dallas, Josh Henderson steals the show here. JR and John Ross are so great!!

New episodes return January!! Let the countdown begin!!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the season finale! Let’s keep the convo going until January! I’ll keep posting updates, news, spoilers as I get them! I’ll be taking a trip to Texas in October so hopefully I’ll have some good stuff for all of you.

Thank you to everyone who followed the blog and all the nice things you said about my reviews! Spread the word, I’m hoping to get a job doing something like this! Until next time Dallas family! Good night ya’ll!!!

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