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JR Ewing slapped by Sue Ellen Dallas TNT review

Sorry all for the delay in my recap! I was sunning it up in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! The internet was shotty there so even though I did make it back to my room in time to watch, I couldn’t upload my review. Now that I’m back in the good ole US of A… here we go!

This episode is setting us up for the season finale.. can’t believe it’s almost over already!!! First off I have to say that this was a great emotional episode. All of the actors gave stand out performances, but I have to give the big kudos to Josh Henderson. He says so much in facial expressions alone this episode.

We start off with a cute morning scene with Elena and John Ross… she’s crawling around on the floor looking for her boots and he’s lying in bed hiding it. I love how this show takes a few moments to have an amusing scene amidst all the drama going on. They get right to it as Elena explains to John Ross that Bobby was willing to drill on Southfork to protect him from getting killed in jail. John Ross face says it all as he realizes what his Uncle was willing to sacrifice for him. Elena gets a call about the Henderson drilling and off she goes.

Christopher and Rebecca are leaving a sonogram appointment and Beccs is hoping Chris can forgive her sometime soon. He admits that it is going to take some time, but they are making their own family now. I guess there’s still hope for Chris/Becca shippers! The buy these twin monkeys that Rebecca is cooing over in her apartment when Tommy shows up inside. Tommy threatens her once again and Rebecca scratches his face.

Cue amazing theme music which is my cell ring tone!!!!

Back in Sue Ellen’s office, Ryland shows up with a bottle of Burgundy. Mitch Pileggi is amazing, happy to hear he’ll be a fixture in season 2 as well. So Ryland knows she bribed the medical examiner and he wants her to launder money through her campaign for him. He gives her a choice, and she throws him out of the office. Always love Linda Gray scenes!!

Tommy meets with his investor, Frank, and asks for more money. Oh and uh… he’s only got 1 day to get Christopher’s plans.

Elena and John Ross are mulling over the Henderson oil map and discover that the oil on Southfork actually bleeds into the Henderson land. They can drill the Southfork oil without actually drilling on Southfork. They take the info to Bobby and explain that if they do this, Bobby can keep his promise to Ms Ellie and they can pay off the Venezuelans so Christopher doesn’t have to give them rights to his alternative energy. ENTER CHRISTOPER, whining and bitching as usual. He starts huffing and puffing that he helped out John Ross and instead of a thank you, John Ross is trying to steal Southfork oil. Elena and Bobby both jump to the defense and explain to the 5 year old that “You cousin is trying to figure out a way to get your gas rights back from the Venezuelans”. The boys are about to fight and Bobby jumps in, “if I have to sit you down son I will” hahahahahahaha that was so fantastic, I rewinded it 3 times! You tell whiny pants Bobby! Alas, just as they’re about to start figuring stuff out, Bobby collapses into some kind of fit.

At the hospital, Christopher tells Elena and John Ross that the doctors aren’t sure what caused the brain seizure. Elena is about to ask if it has something to do with the cancer and Chris cuts her off. He says they’re waiting for the doctor and goes back into the room. John Ross realizes Chris cut her off and asks what that was all about. She tells him about Bobby’s cancer. John Ross wants to know why no one told him, especially Elena. She explains that Bobby thought if JR and John Ross knew, they would use it against him to steal Southfork. John Ross looks so hurt as he realizes how much he’s screwed up with his Uncle. John Ross takes off and locates Bum, he demands the he find JR and tell him to get his ass home immediately to see his dying brother.

The doctor assures them Bobby is still cancer free, but he had a cerebral aneurism which can be brought on from all the medication and chemo. He wants to operate and remove it but needs Bobby to rest a few days. Hilariously Bobby announces he will not be staying in the hospital, but at home. Ann and Christopher try their best to persuade him to stay, but Bobby is having none of it. A nurse and an ambulance will be on call at Southfork for him, but he’s going home.

Rebecca shows up at Southfork, where Chrissipoo is sleeping on the couch. Ann goes off to tend to Bobby and Beccs and Chris have a less than meaningful conversation while she massages his neck that Elena walks in on… I suppose this was to showcase once again that Elena doesn’t really love John Ross, but still has the hots for Christopher. Ann walks in and takes Christopher away as Elena and Rebecca share a REALLY awkward silence. Becca leaves and she has the opportunity to steal Chris’s key card for Tommy, but she decides against it.

Bobby is arguing with Ann and Christopher about leaving his room. Christopher hands his cell to Bobby and implores him to leave a message for his future grandchildren. HILARIOUS! JR shows up and Ann throws him right out. Anytime she threatens to shoot JR, it’s hysterical to me! Ann is such a firecracker! I love her! “damn womans out of her mind” hahahaha Meanwhile in Bobby’s room, Chris asks if he can get his father anything to which Bobby replies, “what I want, no, no you can’t get” “try me” “peace in this family” Bobby thinks he screwed up by selling Southfork and he’s sorry Christopher had to give away a piece of his future.

John Ross shows up in his sexy corvette and Chris is waiting. He wants John Ross to talk JR into giving the deed to Southfork back to Bobby. He wants Bobby to have some piece of mind in case he dies. Christopher reminds John Ross that Bobby was there for him his whole life when JR wasn’t, “the John Ross that I used to know loved my father and if any of that person is still inside of you, you’ll do what it takes to get Southfork back for him” This was a great homage to the original Dallas and the special relationship Bobby had with his nephew. Another fantastic Josh Henderson facial expression moment.

John Ross heads straight to JR to discuss the current family situation. A little decency, he thinks Christopher and Bobby shouldn’t have to pay for their mistakes. JR thinks John Ross has lost his mind, he’s not giving up Southfork it belongs to him. “I’m so damn tired of hearing about your birthright” ME TOO!! Does this mean they will stop saying birthright 50 times every episode???? JR still refuses, he’s lost so much getting Southfork. Sue Ellen shows up and Elena gives her the 411 about Bobby. John Ross stalks out of the house and tells them updates the ladies. “He’s being pig headed and selfish” John Ross says of his father, “That’s so unlike JR” Sue Ellen marches inside. Elena gives him the “I told you so” speech and John Ross lets it all out. How he’s spent his whole life wanting to be with his father, wanting to be his father, hoping that if he was more like JR, than his father would be proud of him. (Another amazing Josh Henderson moment) I wanted to reach into the tv screen and hug him as he gets choked up talking about his father.

Sue Ellen storms into JR’s room and brandishes him with a slap across the face. She rips him a new one! I love seeing Mama Bear Sue Ellen protecting her cub! Sue Ellen reminds him of what put him into the depression the last time, he had nothing and he still has nothing. We are graced with another Ann/Sue Ellen scene. I do love these women together. Sue Ellen tells Ann about Ryland wanting her to launder money.

JR gets in to see Bobby when Ann is out of the house. JR attempts to apologize while Bobby concedes that this is just how JR has always been and always will be. “JR I love you, no matter what. You remember that.” JR won’t engage any of Bobby’s attempt at an emotional brother conversation and he leaves Bobby. Larry Hagman did a great job here. You could see the hurt and love for his brother written all over his face, but it’s just not in JR’s nature to be a softie.

Meanwhile in the Southfork kitchen…which looks live a cooking show set with the stupid looking SF over the stove.I keep waiting for Paula Deen to pop up and show us how to make some Texas style ribs or something… John Ross, Christopher and Elena are talking about how Ewing Oil would have been bigger than Exxon if their father’s hadn’t been pitted against each other by Jock (good throwback). The boys realize that maybe they can make it right..learn from their father’s mistakes. Ewing Energies has a good ring to it!! They take the plan to Bobby, they will all be equal parters.. John Ross, Christopher, Elena and Bobby. They’re going to put the Ewing name back on top!! And Bobby, as sweet as he is, asks “What about JR?”… He’ll get the money from the mineral rights that belong to him but that’s it. Bobby tells them to keep their eyes on each other and gives them his blessing. I can’t wait for this storyline next season.

John Ross, Sue Ellen, and Bobby’s words touched a cord in JR’s heart as he reluctantly signs the deed back over to Bobby, of course in the event of Bobby’s death, Southfork would go back to JR. He leaves it on Bobby’s bed when he thinks he’s sleeping. Bobby stirs and JR tells him no need to get emotional. Awww JR does have a heart!!!

Rebecca tells Tommy she’s not going to help him and she goes to her safety deposit box to procure a handgun. Tommy meets with his investor to tell him he doesn’t have the plans. Frank blows him off and tells him no more deal. With Johnny Cash playing in the background, Tommy heads over to Rebecca’s apartment.

Bobby’s lawyer calls with information about Veronica/Marta. They have a lead on a cloud device where she has video and photos stored, they may have proof that JR was in on the fraud. Bobby will have to decide whether or not to throw JR under the bus. This causes Bobby to have another seizure and the ambulance speeds off from Southfork.

Rebecca opens the door to Tommy who slaps her, and berates her for getting him involved with this scheme. SO IT WAS ALL REBECCA’S IDEA!!! Curious!! He throws her down on the bed and starts choking/attempting to rape her?? She gets away from him and grabs her handgun, they struggle and a shot fires. END OF EPISODE.

‘When the man comes around” Fantastic Johnny Cash playing!!!

This episode was an excellent set-up for next week’s finale. Who got shot? Rebecca or Tommy? Will Bobby survive? What is this big secret? And who is walking off that plane in the preview?

There was so many great quotes this episode:

“Get out of my office”
“If I have to sit you down son, I will”
“Alright now, where was I?” “you were threatening to kick our ass”
“I’ve never kicked an old man’s ass, but todays as good a day as any”
“Mrs Ewing, Mr Ewing is awake and he wants to do things”
“I want you to leave a message to the grandchildren you’re never going to meet explaining to them how you would have loved to have been a part of their lives, but you can’t”
“If I catch you anywhere near Bobby’s room, I’ll shoot you and since you have no heart, it’ll be somewhere more vital”
“I’m so damn tired of hearing about your birthright”
“wife number 3 is at the door and she’s packing heat”
“Well I’m back honey, and I’m gonna be bigger than ever”
“No JR your lapses aren’t when you do wrong, your lapses are when you do right. You’re like the scorpion who said to the frog, it’s just in my nature”

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