Dallas finale promo in pictures

Not long to go now until that all important cliffhanger and the recently posted Dallas TNT video promo may shed some light on events. We have taken stills from the promo to give you a clearer look at what’s coming up.

“Keep fighting” JR states emotionally as Bobby’s condition leaves him in a pretty sorry state. The last time we saw Bobby like this he had just done a body flip over Katherine Wentworths car. Are we about to loose Bobby all over again?

Larry Hagman as JR Ewing in Dallas TNT finale

Sue Ellen played by Linda Gray in Dallas TNT finale cliffhanger

Is Sue Ellen about to quit running for Governor?

Mitch Pillegi as Harris Rylan in Dallas TNT finale

“I won’t let you hurt anymore people” Ann states as she slowly unbuttons her blouse  in front of ex husband Harris Ryland

Ann Ewing played by Brenda Strong in Dallas TNT final episode

Is Ann about to do the dirty on Bobby?

Josh Henderson who plays John Ross in TNT Dallas finale

John Ross and Elena seem to be in a celebratory mood. The new Ewing Energies office perhaps?

Jordana Brewster and Josh Henderson as Elena Ramos and John Ross Ewing in Dallas TNT final episode


The FBI arrive but where and why?

Christopher Ewing Dallas TNT finale

“You’re going to prison” Christopher angrily tells John Ross.

Josh Henderon as John Ross in Dallas TNT

Body in bag Dallas TNT final

What appears to be a body is wrapped up by someone in black gloves. Could the deceased be Rebecca, Tommy or maybe someone else?

Elena Ramos Dallas TNT

Elena is getting passionate with John Ross?

Dallas finale TNT revelations

Temper tantrum. Christopher does not seem happy and punches a door

Josh Henderson Dallas TNT finale episode cliffhanger

John Ross turns and looks surprised.

Dallas TNT season finale

Mystery man walks from plane in Dallas TNT final episode cliffhanger

A mystery man (we assume) exits the steps of a plane

The voice of man character (one we don’t recognize) runs over the final clips  “When the Ewing’s find out whats what there will be a firestorm”

The Dallas TNT season finale Wednesday August 8 2012 on TNT 9/8c

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