Dallas TNT : Revelations – season finale preview

We offer you a delicious taste of the Dallas TNT finale and throw in a couple of teasers

With much excitement we received our preview copy of the Dallas TNT season finale -Revelations and it didn’t disappoint.

After the cliffhanger in the penultimate episode we are catapulted into a juicy story-arc that leaves you thinking WTF. In a script written by executive producers Cynthia Cidre and Robert Rovnver it is much of what we have come to expect from the series so far with several twists and turns building to a fabulous cliffhanger.

All the actors have been suburb but rather predictably we have to  bring attention to the talents of Josh Henderson who plays John Ross. He is brilliant in this final episode where the script showcases the multifaceted nature of John Ross.  He has a vulnerable side that makes him appealing and steers the character away from  purely a caricature of meanness.

A great deal is turned on it’s head,  loose ends are tied up but in true Dallas tradition by the end we’re gagging for answers. If anything this episode really lays a solid foundation for season two and a Dallas that most original fans have been waiting for.

Will it be a satisfying finale after so much anticipation from the fans ? Well we’ll let you decide that but we will regurgitate a few little titbits that are doing the rounds.

  • Two proposals of marriage
  • A “Don’t do it Ann” scream at your screen moment.
  • The return of the original Ewing Oil building under the name Ewing Energies
  • Sue Ellen gives a  heartfelt campaign speech to either end or boost her run for Governor.
  • Bobby in a coma
  • A heartfelt moment from JR

There have been so many rumors flying around- the return of Afton Cooper and mystery people on Twitter claiming to be in the show, but all unfounded.  But we have to add the caveat that the press version we viewed made it quite clear it was not the finished product so anything is still possible. It is Dallas after all.

Whatever you do don’t miss the series finale aptly titled Revelations which brings the series to a startling conclusion.

Dallas Episode 10 – Revelations – TNT August 10 2012 TNT 9/8c

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