Review episode 8 – No good deed

Dallas S1 E8 “No Good Deed”

Tonight being with John Ross and Elena (?) in the interrogation room. I’m no police officer, but I’m pretty sure the only person allowed in an interrogation room with a murder suspect is their lawyer…. but maybe I’m wrong. Either way Elena is questioning what he was doing with Veronice/Marta in the first place. He kinda spills the beans by telling her she was an associate of J.R.’s who stole Elena’s phone and made it seem like she had kidnapped her… he was only there to save Elena! Awwww…. Elena suspects he is holding back information. The cops are pretty certain he’s the murderer, since they found no surveillance camera, John Ross is off to the big house! Josh Henderson looks fantastic in his mug shots!!!

Cue my favorite theme music annnnndddd we’re off!!! Mama Sue Ellen is visiting her baby boy who is clad in this years finest orange jumper. John Ross tells his mama about the affair with Marta and begs her not to get involved, he’s going to handle it.

Unfortunately for Christopher and Rebecca, this week I could give a hoot less about them! It’s all about FREE JOHN ROSS!!! I digress… Christopher might wanna re-think the Tesla, I don’t think dual car seats are going to fit well. Rebecca reminds him of the night he proposed and how he desperately never wanted his children to be like him, having lost his mother and gone through his parents divorce. Nice Rebecca… might I remind you that while all this “be a good daddy” guilt you’re throwing at Chris is nice and all, you did scam him into marrying you.. just saying.

The Dallas Sheriff is filling Bobby in on the John Ross/Veronica situation while Christopher is gloating in the corner. Elena comes in, visibly distraught. Apparently she has no coffee pot in her house. She whines a bit to Ann and Bobby and right on cue Christopher begins stomping his feet like the petulant child he insists on acting like. Elena quickly reminds Christopher that he and John Ross used to be Best Friends… hmmm what made them hate each other so much??? Can’t be all about Elena???

John Ross meets with Vincente at the jail house. They have a back and forth about killing Veronica/Marta (I still don’t understand why John Ross calls her Marta…). Vincente admits he has the surveillance video, but he wants his oil or its curtains for John Ross and the Ewing Family.

Meanwhile at Christopher’s office… where is this office anyway?? Exxon (sponsor??) is visiting offering to purchase the rights to Chris’ alternative energy. Christopher shoos him away claiming Ewing Energies will be running this stuff… Ok, sounds good!!!

Ann is once again hanging with Rebecca… I still don’t understand why she is so trusting of this girl?? Ann…she defied your family!!! Enter Tommy, he huffs and puffs a bit and Ann offers him a job on a ranch somewhere far away. Tommy claims he’d like a fresh start and agrees to take Ann’s offer (we know this is BS)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Vincente visits Bobby with his threats about taking Southfork and Bobby damn near picks him up by his belt buckle and tosses him out the door. Good for you Bobby..except these people are dangerous!!! No worries, Christopher has a plan!!!

John Ross gets beat up- I closed my eyes so as not to see Josh Henderson’s pretty face being beaten to a bloody pulp soooo I don’t know what happened in this scene… but then there was a commercial!!

The entire family rushes to the hospital to see John Ross. He may have internal bleeding!!! Sue Ellen is a mess and her and Ann share a nice bonding moment. Ann reminding her that he is her son and nothing she does to protect him is wrong. Bobby steps to the plate here by declaring that they have to do something. He won’t let them put John Ross back in with the prisoners, he knows this was Vincente. Christopher waits at John Ross’ beside for him to wake up… awwwwww…. they have a nice cousin moment and John Ross tells Chris about the surveillance video. This scene broke my heart as we saw the sad little boy inside John Ross who really just wants to make his Daddy proud. I just love him! Did I mention he’s my favorite???

We see J.R. in this episode twice. First when Bum calls to tell him about John Ross getting beat up and again when he sneaks into his son’s room in the middle of the night to see him. I have to say I know that Larry Hagman was getting chemo while filming this but, I NEED MORE J.R.!!!!

Bobby visits the Ewing family gravesite…which apparently has only 4 stones…. where is Ms. Ellie’s second husband buried??? Bobby “speaks” to Ms. Ellie about the current family situation, as fractured and dysfunctional as always. He knows she would do whatever it takes to protect the family if she was here, and that is just what Bobby intends to do.

“we can’t let those people get to John Ross again!” I love that Bobby is protecting his nephew!!! AND he’s going to pump oil on Southfork!!!! Enter Christopher- he is gonna help John Ross without having to pump oil. Christopher tells his father it’s his turn to start taking care of the family. “I’m gonna make them an offer they can’t refuse” AND DOES HE!!!! Christopher goes to Vincente and offers his exclusive South American rights to his alternative energy. AND he wants the surveillance video of Marta/Veronica still alive to exonerate John Ross.

Sue Ellen visits the medical examiner and bribes him to rule Marta/Veronica’s death a suicide!! Yes!! I want bitchy Sue Ellen back!! This is gonna definitely bite this governor thing in the ass! (I particularly loved the “you’ve been writing more RX’s than Michael Jackson’s doctors” hahahahahaha)

Apparently Vincente accepts Christopher’s offer because as Sue Ellen is telling John Ross she thinks the medical examiner is going to rule Marta/Veronica’s death a suicide… in walks to PoPo telling John Ross he’s free to go, all the charges have been dropped. They found the surveillance camera on the roof of the hotel.

I’m guessing Sue Ellen brought a change of clothes with her for John Ross because he’s not wearing his hospital gown when he jumps out of her Ferrari. Sue Ellen gets a call from the medical examiner who is VERY upset he did this favor for her, while Elena is rushing to greet John Ross. Every time she says something like “I don’t know what I would have done if I lost you John Ross” I yell at the TV- YOU LOVE CHRISTOPHER- LIAR!!! Enough about underdeveloped, boring ELena… out comes Christopher and Bobby. “You look like hell!” “Still better looking than you” I must agree! The cousins share a nice bonding moment as Christopher says they’re both just trying to make their Dad’s proud so they’re not so different… I was really wanting a hug here, but a hand shake and a thank you will do. This is the first time this entire series I have actually really rooted for Christopher! When he’s not whining, he’s awesome.

Christopher visits Rebecca (previously he asked the Sheriff to do a background check) to tell her that the background check he ran on her was clean. He says he wants to forgive her, but doesn’t know if he can. He needs to know there are no more secrets. She says “there aren’t”… I yell at the TV “LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE” annnnnndddd moments later, Tommy shows up. He tells Beccs he wasn’t leaving for good and he knows Exxon visited Christopher. He tells her she better find a way to make their plan work and then he plants a big ole kiss on her!! I KNEW IT!! They’re not brother and sister and he will tell Chris EVERYTHING if she doesn’t help him.

Kudos this episode goes to Linda Gray, finally we saw A LOT of Sue Ellen! She was fabulous as always. Also to Josh Henderson, who is an amazing actor. He had me tearing up in that scene with Christopher in the hospital.

Only 2 episodes remain!!!!

Moments of the Episode:

“family is like baking a cake from scratch, real messy”
“How the hell could J.R. do this to his own family?” “how much time do you have?”


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