Mitch Pileggi Dallas series regular

Mitch Pileggi who plays Dallas TNT villain Harris Ryland revealed he will be a series regular in season two of the hit series when interviewed at Oz Comic-Con.

Right now I’ve done the first season of Dallas, they’ve brought the old series of Dallas back, so I recurred on Dallas for the first season and if it goes on to a second season, which it’s been doing really well in the ratings, they’ve asked me to join the cast as a series regular so if it goes onto another season I’ll be moving down to Dallas and doing that, which for me is a lot of fun because I came out to L.A from Texas and one of the first jobs that I ever had as an actor was working as an extra on Dallas thirty years ago, so it’s pretty much come full circle. I’m working with Linda Gray as Sue Ellen and Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing, and I haven’t worked with Larry Hagman yet but I’m looking forward to that so it’s pretty exciting. And they’ve given me a great character to play, he’s a bad guy, surprised?

This is great news. Mitch is a fantastic actor and we can’t wait to find out how Harris Ryland develops.


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