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Meanwhile back at the fans forum…………….

We gathered feedback on  TNT’s episode four from some of the most passionate and opinionated Dallas  fans on the internet.

Cliff Barnes wrote – Perfection. I loved this episode. They finally got it right. Thank you Taylor Hamra for writing an incredible script, may you be promoted to head of the whole thing. There was a lot of goodwill on my part for the first two, and by episode 3 the poor writing shone through. But this episode was wonderful-it finally perfectly felt like it could have been an episode of the original show, happening today.

Sunshineboy wrote - This show is about rooting for JR so far. How fab is that!? I’m starting to like the way they are using the younger characters as fodder to fuel the older vets characters. I don’t want to root for any of the younger ones , i just want to see it unfold. I don’t need to care about them because the show isn’t really offering that up as an option. The calf story was a nod to root for the Bobby/Christopher thing although I just thought it resonated with Lucy and Ray screwing in the hayloft of the same barn 30 years before.
James and I were discussing this the other day in the boozer, and he pointed out that it’s exactly because there isn’t anyone to root for that it’s quite interesting and bold. It would have been easy to have Rebecca as the character through whom we see everything but we’re getting a “gods eye” view of everything.

Possum wrote - I’m liking what they are doing with the Rebecca character. I hope they beef up her “brother’s” role. We haven’t seen much of him, but he appears to be an interesting character. As with previous episodes, JR was the strongest of the cast. John Ross is becoming more interesting and less like a complete punk.

Joey wrote - Good episode ( ep 4). Had a different feel than last week, they are exploring different aspects,
while trying to capture some similar old Dallas style. It’s going to get even better. I can tell.

Snarkygoddess wrote - I found the livestock birth scenes to be fine (even if the metaphor was a little creaky) although, for the life of me, I’ll never understand how horses and cows give birth to baby horses and cows; it just seems disastrous. And, yes, the barbecue was too short and appeared to have far too few guests in attendance.
Interesting that John Ross, Marta and Rebecca are all turning out to be addicts — it’s just like the old show!

James from London wrote - I love how the whole series is basically one story-line. It’s lean and mean, fast but detailed. Smartly executed and yet hearteningly dumb, in a specifically DALLAS way.

As usual, with the praise also comes some criticism.

Ronald Mascot wrote The one thing I didn’t like is they spoiled the cliffhanger of this episode with the coming attractions of the previous episode, where they had a clip of Rebecca saying “I need to tell you something…” Duh, it was obvious it had to be about the email, but they had put that in the promo and I hope what we got in next week’s promo isn’t part of the very ending of it.

JRandSueEllenForever wrote -I would have loved to see Ray show up and save the cow. Put him to some good use, instead of giving him only a line per every other episode, having him lurk around Southfork like some ghost. I think the writers are being very disrespectful the way they are handling Ray and Lucy. They are beloved to us old timer fans. Give them a little plot please!

Miss Ellie’s Coffee Mug wrote – I’ve watched every episode thus far, and I must say that I was somewhat bored by this one. Nothing really happened this time around. I feel like I could tune in next week and without having seen episode 4 and I’d know exactly what’s going on.

Luther_Frick wrote I am starting to believe that Sue Ellen is in the same category as Lucy and Ray. Simply window dressing to bring back some of the former fans. I find it hard to believe that Linda Gray would stand to be second banana to Brenda Strong who now appears to be the female lead of the show with at least 10x the air time. Walk out Sue Ellen!

Angela Channing wrote - Now that we are 4 episodes in, I feel I’ve seen enough of the new Dallas to give an informed opinion of the series and the lyrics of a Whitney Houston song comes to mind “It’s Not Right But It’s Ok”. New Dallas is a reasonable way to pass an hour of tv but it’s not gripping like the original series was or like a more modern series such as Lost.

What did you think oh Episode Four?

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