Fans reaction to Dallas

Dallas arrived back with a bang this week.  There was such a surge of activity following the broadcast our server went down with the strain.  Overall fan reactions to the new Dallas are very positive, most are delighted the show is back.

We delved into the fans forum at to get their thoughts.

JR_Fan wrote “Aside from being a bit truncated and jumping into the fray I think the storyline is pretty solid with the whole Bobby/John Ross/JR machinations going on. John Ross doesn’t fall too far from the tree but he’s rough as hell. I like that he’s uncouth and makes some mistakes and the way the 2nd episode ended with JR realizing that he’s been set up by his son has me very excited for what will happen next.

Cliff_Barnes wrote “I loved it, it was great all around. Yes, it is faster paced with a lot more plot going on and less slower moments, but this keeps it modern and fresh. Hagman is great as always but I think the equal screentime for the youngsters works, they are interesting in their own ways

Gold Canyon wrote “I have to say that I thought Jesse Metcalfe gave a great performance as Christopher and I went into this show tonight thinking that he’d be a pretty boring character… but he wasn’t. I kind of have some sympathy for him given how rough of a life he’s had:”

Daniel_Avery wrote “I really liked what I saw. Having only seen a few scenes and pieces of original Dallas but being well aware of the show (hell, I’ve hung around here for 12 years), I figured this new Dallas would be a chance to see what all the talk is about–without that “lost” feeling one gets when picking up a soap half-way through. So I can safely testify that the writers managed that fine balance of writing two eps that allows new viewers to join in, while making them feel as if they’ve been a part of the story for a while.”

But not everyone was  impressed:

Crimson wrote “Gray’s Sue Ellen was a predictable disappointment. The more I watch the original “Dallas” the more convinced I am that Gray’s performance through most of the series was sheer genius: a performance of lunacy and pathos and sheer nutty fun. Her insistence on Sue Ellen being strong and noble rendered her utterly dull. 

The only new character to make much of an impression on me was Brenda Strong’s Ann Ewing. ”

Laurie wrote “You know, this is difficult for me to admit but I was wrong. I didn’t think I could possibly despise TNT Dallas any more than I did…but I was wrong. Aside from some great cinematography and later a nice Cliff scene…it’s absolutely a complete waste of time

SunshineboyUK wrote “It’s just not very interesting. Overall it has good production values but it”s no longer a show about a family all living together with stakes in the same thing, it’s a disperate set of characters 

Do you agree with any of the above comments? Let us know by leaving a comment below or join the discussion at





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