New Dallas to air on UK Channel 5

The Ewings are making their way back to UK television.

The UK’s channel 5 has purchased the rights to broadcast the new 10 part version of Dallas due to air in the US in 2012

The show  is expected to air on Channel 5 late next year, following its US transmission in the summer.

Jeffrey Schlesinger, president of Warner Bros International Television, which brokered the deal for Channel 5, said: “The original version of Dallas was iconic in the UK and had millions of fans.

“We are sure that this new version will satisfy those who remember the original and attract a whole new generation of viewers.” He promised the show’s catchy theme tune would also return when it is broadcast in the UK next year.

Jeff Ford, Channel 5’s director of programmes, said: “We are thrilled to be bringing the new-look Dallas to Channel 5.

“With its alluring mix of wealth, seduction, scandal and intrigue, there is something for everyone on the Southfork Ranch, and it’s a hugely exciting addition to our 2012 schedule.”



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