My experience on “Dallas”

Jason Renfroe’s experience as an extra on “Dallas” – the next generation TNT pilot episode.

Being an actor of the next generation myself, my experience as an extra on this project was amazing.
The heat from the hot Texas sun was shining down on the actors and crew.

As an extra on the set you are not supposed to have interaction with the lead actors but in the case of Patrick Duffy,he introduced himself to me in between takes and shook my hand and made me feel at ease.

As an actor it is wonderful  to watch and learn the craft from him and he is a very down to earth.

Josh Henderson is a true talent and his acting abilitity draws you into his character.

I tweeted with Josh Henderson about the new series and his work and he responded very appreciative of the compliments and wished me well with my future acting endeavors.

Jordana Brewster is a natural beauty and it was an honor to watch her up close and in action, displaying her talents that have made her the star she is today.

The series will be filled with drama, action, and emotion. There will be multiple breath-taking scenes.
Dallas on TNT will have something for everyone. The fans of the original series will want to tune in to see how their favorite actors have progressed over the years and the younger generation will enjoy seeing the new cast develop their roles.

The crew was very supportive and treated everyone equally with respect from the stars to the extras.

For me it was a day filled with pride to be working with such an awesome group of individuals.

This was a day I personally will never forget and hope to repeat in the future.

(Jason in character for the Dallas pilot)

Jason Renfroe

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