Save Jock Ewing

As many of you  now know Larry Hagman is auctioning off contents from his home including Dallas memorabilia.

You can check out the items and place your bids by visiting

There are some fantastic Dallas items up for auction but the main item sending Dallas fans in a tizz is the original iconic portrait of Jock Ewing.

Following the death of Jim Davis who played Jock Ewing in 1981 the producers wanted to keep his presence integral to the show. They commisioned Ro Kim to paint Jim’s portrait in the style of the old masters.

Larry took the portrait home in 1991 where it has remained until now. Jock’s portrait did feature in Dallas War of the Ewings but it was the tacky remake that hangs in Southfork Ranch for tourists.

With Dallas back the portrait should reside once more in the show. Surely we don’t want to see this iconic portrait hanging on the wall of some fans home in Germany where it can’t be viewed.

Come on TNT get your wallet out and put Jock back in his rightful place.

For more information on the portrait check out Dallas’s backstage information

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