Dallas pilot FAQ

Our mailbag is full of questions regarding the Dallas pilot so we thought we would try and cover off a few of them here.

What is the title of the pilot – working title is Dallas – ‘CHANGING OF THE GUARD’

Who wrote the pilot episode? – Cynthia Cidre

What network will this be on? TNT

How many episodes are in the first season? 10 episodes which includes the pilot episode.

In a nutshell can you outline the plot – It’s really about the next generation of Ewings. Miss Ellie summed it up very well in season 6 of the original series “Think ahead Sue Ellen, think twenty five or thirty years ahead. I won’t be here then and the fight won’t be between JR and Bobby, it’ll be between John Ross and Christopher

Bobby still owns Southfork and has a battle on his hands both privately and publicly as he strives to save his late mothers legacy. A battle which will tear the family apart. At the heart of the battle are John Ross and Christopher Ewing, two ambitious young men who both want to be top of their game and take the power and influence that comes with being a Ewing.

Like the beginning of the original series there is an element of  the rich and the poor, with less well off characters mingled  into the lives of the Ewing family.

Which of the original characters will appear? Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy), JR Ewing (Larry Hagman) and Sue Ellen Ewing (Linda Gray), Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval). Lucy Ewing (Charlene Tilton)appears briefly in three episodes and Ray Krebbs (Steve Kanaly) will make a brief appearance in two.  Appearing in the lead roles are John Ross Ewing (Josh Henderson) and Christopher Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe).

Who is who in the Dallas pilot?

Let’s break this down.

Christopher’s side

ANN RYLAND EWING (played by Brenda Strong) –  Bobby’s lovely new wife.

BOBBY JAMES EWING (played by Patrick Duffy) – Adopted Father of Christopher Ewing and owner of Southfork Ranch.

CHRISTOPHER EWING (played by Jesse Metcalfe) – The new acumen and entrepreneurial vigor of the Ewing clan. Smart, attractive, effective, he has the guarded eyes of someone who’s already mixed it up with life.

REBECCA SUTTER (played by Julie Gonzalo) –   Fiancée of Christopher Ewing and about to become the next Mrs Ewing

John Ross’s side

JR Ewing (played by Larry Hagman) –  Father of John Ross Ewing.  He spent his life building a legacy for his son to ensure they maintain a power-base in Dallas. It’s time to hand over the reigns.

JOHN ROSS EWING (played by Josh Henderson) – A powerful man, he is charismatic, seductive.  He’s his father’s son.

SUE ELLEN EWING (played by Linda Gray ) - Mother of John Ross Ewing.

The Ramos’s

ELENA RAMOS (played by Jordana Brewster) – Daughter of the Ewing cook Carmen and girlfriend of John Ross Ewing. She spent her entire life at Southfork Ranch growing up with both John Ross and Christopher.

CARMEN RAMOS (played by Marlene Forte) – Hispanic mother of Elena Ramos and long time Ewing cook.

Read our previous article on the characters

Who was Christopher Ewing’s mother? Christopher’s biological mother was Kristin Sheperd, sister of Sue Ellen Ewing. She killed herself  while high on speed by jumping over the balcony at Southfork Ranch.  Christopher was adopted by Bobby and Pam Ewing. Pam was disfigured in a car accident and  presumed dead.  Bobby’s second wife, April, was murdered in Paris. Let’s hope things work out better for Ann.

Why did we never see Carmen in the original Dallas. What happened to Teresa?

We have to assume we only met characters that were relevant at the time and now in 2011 the Ramos family have a fundamental role to play with the next generation.  Teresa was perhaps  better at answering the phone than cooking.

What happened to Cliff Barnes, is Rebecca Sutter his daughter?

You will have to keep watching. This series is full of twists.

When will filming begin? Filming has now ended on the first season.

Will we see Southfork Ranch? Yes of course. Dallas wouldn’t be Dallas without Southfork

Do all the Ewings still live under the same roof, that was kind of odd? Things have slightly changed in that respect. You will have to watch it!

There are rumors on the Internet that JR will be killed off, is that true? Kill off JR! Surely not. Again you will have to watch to find out.

Can I be in the new Dallas? Did you miss the casting call?

Where and when can I view the first season – The series will broadcast on TNT in the US June 2011 and in the UK on Channel 5 in September 2012

What can we do to support the seroes? Keep talking about the show. UltimateDallas.com has done a great job keeping the show in the spotlight over the past 14 years but we all need your help to keep the interest going. Tweet about it, chat about it  on the Dallas fans forum, leave comments and really engage in the excitement. Also support the brilliant new cast such as Josh Henderson, Julie Gonzalo, Jesse Metcalfe and Jordana Brewster. Plus of course watch it when it airs :)

You can follow the new cast on  Twitter , so go and join up and say hello –  Josh Henderson, Julie Gonzalo, Jesse Metcalfe and Jordana Brewster and of course don’t forget to follow us – Dallas

What next?

Keep coming back for the latest updates or check out the fans forum at http://www.soapchat.net

Is Josh Henderson really as nice as you make out? Yes, all the new cast are fantastic.

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