Larry Hagman talks Dallas and Desperate Housewives

This article contains spoilers for Desperate Housewives. You have been warned.

Larry Hagman  returned to television with a guest role in of  Desperate Housewives as Frank, a character described as a ‘grumpy racist OAP’.

Frank has recently become engaged to Lynette’s boozy mother, Stella (Polly Bergen),  and Lynette is less than happy about her mothers choice of husband. caught up with Larry about his two episode stint on Desperate Housewives.

He is a mean, cold, bastard, an unusual role for me” Larry jokes

I play the fiancé of Polly Bergen , the daughter (Lynette) hates him, they get married, it’s back and fourth with the daughter and then he snuffs it

Larry had nothing but a glowing report on his co-stars Felicity Huffman and Polly Bergen

Wonderful, just wonderful, very professional, and respectful. Felicity just gets it, and Polly Bergen, what a legend. Reminds me of my time on Dallas. Everyone is very professional, nice , very  kind

Larry also did a stint on Nip n Tuck. How does he choose his roles?

I ask my granddaughters,  they know all the shows. I ask them ‘should I do this’ and they said you have to do it

As we exclusivelly revealed last week Larry will  be reprising his role as JR Ewing in the upcoming TNT pilot which starts production in March. The show will focus on the battle between cousins John Ross and Christopher Ewing.

With John Ross taking the centre stage would Larry prefer a more central role?

I don’t know,  there is still life in the character and more stories to be told for JR Ewing

Is there anyone in particular he would like to see back from the original series?

Oh everyone, it would be wonderful to work with them all again. I’m sure the new cast will be great,  I could be working with these people for the next five years

Will he miss the power he had on the original series?

No, there is always hierarchy on any show but you know on Desperate Housewives I was 25th on the call sheet, that was pretty humbling, it used to be alphabetical, that was a new experience

On the topic of the recent Golden Globes, why was Dallas never really recognized. Snobbery back in the day perhaps?

You know I have never thought about that. I don’t think it’s snobbery but I do know they make a lot of money at those things”

Back to Desperate Housewives. Will Larry be watching?

Sure I will, I always watch my shows

Is he ever critical of his performance?

“Oh no, never”

So what does he think when he sees himself?

“I’m fantastic”

I don’t think many would disagree

We will be catching up with Larry again very soon so watch this space…..

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