Celebrate 2011 with Dallas on CMT

CMT will be airing marathons of the classic ’60s sitcom Green Acres and the long-running primetime soap Dallas to start off 2011!

Saturday, January 1, 2011
2:00 PM Dallas #003 “Spy in the House” (encores 12am)
When information from sensitive paperwork for the family business ends up with Cliff Barnes, J.R. accuses his new sister-in-law, Pamela, of leaking Ewing Oil information in front of the entire family. Pamela denies everything, but she and Bobby end up leaving the ranch to spend a night in a hotel.
3:00 PM Dallas #004 “Winds of Vingeance” (encores 1am)
Texas is being threatened by a powerful storm. As the hurricane approaches, two men arrive at Southfork and take hostages. One of the men is out for revenge on J.R. for having an affair with his wife.
4:00 PM Dallas #001 “Digger’s Daughter” (encores 2am)
An age-old feud between the Ewings and the Barnes starts up again when Bobby Ewing and Pamela Barnes reveal the shocking news to their families they have married. J.R. Ewing, Bobby’s older brother, seeks to break the newlyweds up by using ranch hand Ray Krebbs, who once dated Pamela.
5:00 PM Dallas #002 “Lessons”
Seeking acceptance into the Ewing family, Pamela does her best to befriend Lucy despite the situation being not as easy as it would seem.
6:00 PM Dallas #005 “Barbecue”
The annual Ewing barbecue is a source of tension between the Ewing and Barnes families when Pam’s pregnancy is announced. The news, among other things, sends Sue Ellen to the bottle, which brings about other problems at Southfork.
7:00 PM Dallas #006 “Reunion, Part 1″
Bobby thinks he has hit the jackpot in Las Vegas when he runs into Gary, Lucy’s father, and convinces him to return to the family ranch in Texas. Gary’s return makes quite an impact on the family, and Lucy has a surprise of her own when she unites her father with her mother whom she has been seeing secretly. J.R. sees Gary’s return as another attempt by his brothers to dilute his power, and he is determined to not let it happen.
8:00 PM Dallas #007 “Reunion, Part 2″
J.R.’s attempts to make his long-lost brother Gary comfortable in his new surroundings is a ploy to pressure him into taking over one of the Ewing businesses. Val, Gary’s former wife, believes it is just another method of chasing him away again. Pam’s father, Digger, is recovering from another drunken binge and decides he will no longer acknowledge Pam as his daughter because she married a Ewing.
9:00 PM Dallas #009 “Bypass”
Bobby and J.R. both feel guilty for their father’s apparent heart attack when Jock becomes distressed over Bobby’s threat to leave the Ewing Oil Company after continually arguing with J.R. Jock’s condition mandates open heart surgery which causes Bobby to suspect J.R. of making business deals on the possibility of Jock not surviving the operation.
10:00 PM Dallas #012 “Runaway”
Lucy runs away from home when Jock refuses to allow her to invite her mother to her birthday party. She accepts a ride from someone who turns out to be a psychotic thief and who thinks he has found a lovely partner for his crimes.
11:00 PM Dallas #013 “Survival”
A severe thunder storm forces the Ewing plane, with Bobby and J.R. as its sole passengers, to crash into a swamp. The Ewing women try to keep the news from Jock due to his recent heart operation. While waiting to hear the fate of the two brothers, the four women slowly reveal different aspects of their personalities due to the pressure of the moment.

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