Dallas producer Arthur Bernard Lewis Dies Aged 84

Dallas producer and writer Arthur Bernard Lewis has died aged 84.

Art was part of the team who came up with the idea to shoot Larry Hagman’s character JR Ewing in the iconic episode of the series and continued on the series throughout it’s run.

Arthur at the Lorimar Offices during the Dallas years

He also penned episodes of Hawaii Five-O and the The Streets of San Francisco, more recently the daytime soap General Hospital.

A humble man in a sea of high profile characters

Arthur  passed away October 30, 2010 from complications of pneumonia after a long illness.

He is survived by wife Marjorie Estelle Lewis, son Larry Lewis, daughter-in-law Pam Lewis, brother Robert M. Lewis, granddaughter Desirae Lewis-Lynch, great-granddaughter Ava Lynch and stepson Chet Cossetino.

Good friend Howard Lakin said today He was very proud of his time on DALLAS and  it would be accurate to describe him as a humble man in a sea of high profile characters.  He was very self-deprecating in an English sort of way and really did a lot of the “heavy lifting” in the early, most successful years of the show when others were taking much of the credit.  That didn’t bother him at all, he was happy to do his best work behind the scenes.  He may have written more episodes than any other writer.  In any case, he was kind, a good friend, and entirely authentic”

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