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Hopefully, all fans of DALLAS have had the opportunity to visit and re-visit again the first episode of the online comic continuation series exclusively here at UD.  In October 2008, we rushed the first installment for posting because the now infamous DALLAS REUNION 30 desperately wanted to use the material of episode one as part of their program keepsake. I didn’t want to release the story so soon because like producing episodic television or films, production is a long tedious process within the comic art realm as well. Comics produce chapters far in advance of their release dates, and by releasing the first online episode so early, it became cause for millions who have read it to eagerly anticipate the coming installments with intense fervor, and I’m reading about it in fan letters everyday. I appreciate the patience and anguish alike and have written this article to assure fans that the wait is growing ever closer to an end. Please enjoy this sneak peek at some of the characters who have grown up and will appear in future episodes of the online series, and remember to view the first episode page turner here ultimatedallas.com as we finish producing a stockpile of new installments, which will post on a monthly frequency beginning in May ’09. Events in episode two will occur directly after the first installment which chronicled the funeral of family matriarch MISS ELLIE.

The purpose of this entire series is to move the stories of DALLAS to the next generation of family members while still paying homage to the original characters and eventually using them to a lesser degree. The third episode is pivotal because it will introduce those new generational characters whom we have been introduced to as children in the original series, and some were revisited in the television films. These full sketch references of the new characters are the template base models used by the artists. They are created as inspiration before committing them into the body of any of the stories.
A comic script is provided to the artist and tells the artist who appears in the episode story, and  pics of the original actors and sketch templates of the new generation characters are provided separately. Get familiar with the new generation and prepare for the return of DALLAS coming to UD this SUMMER ’09
-by Bryan J. Kinnaird, character sketches by Juan Arevalo
Sneak peak at the character portraits

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