Victoria Principal vs the maid in assault lawsuit.

Victoria Principal star of Dallas

Dallas star Victoria Principal is involved in a courtroom drama worthy of a Dallas storyline.

After getting sued by a housekeeper Maribel Banegas ,  who claimed that Victoria pulled a gun on her, Victoria Principal is fighting back with a countersuit, alleging that it was Maribel who was acting violently and hurt her dog.

Principal accuses the housekeeper of assault, trespass, civil extortion, animal cruelty and negligence. Principal also claims Banegas seriously injured the actress’s pooch and then, after getting canned, refused to leave her house, pounding on kitchen counters and screaming “give me money” in a failed extortion bid.

Banegas’ suit, filed in L.A. Superior Court on Friday, contends that she was fired by Principal after taking too long to walk the dog. When Banegas asked for her final payment, the suit claims, Principal went upstairs and, instead of retrieving her checkbook, returned with a gun and threatened to kill Banegas.

Banegas says she was so scared she hid in a room in the residence until the police showed up. The incident, the worker alleges, caused her severe emotional distress.

Describing Banegas as a 6-foot, 160-pound “formidable figure,” Principal admits to grabbing the gun, but says she did so only because she feared for her safety. Principal says she was forced to call the cops after Banegas locked herself in the guest house and demanded payment.

The next morning, Principal says, she woke up to find her pet dog writhing in pain, which a veterinarian diagnosed as three injured vertebrae supposedly caused by abuse from Banegas.

Sadly the shitzu at the heart of the case was unavailble for comment.

View the actual lawsuit filed by the maids here

View Victoria Principal’s countersuit here

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