Things aint so bad at Southfork

With the world gripped by the economic recession not even the Ewings famous mansion can escape the impact but things ‘ain’t so bad at Southfork’.

Some internet fans have suggested that Southfork Ranch is on the brink of closure but fans will be happy to hear that there is absolutely no truth to that rumor.

Billionaire Rex Maughan owns the Ranch and it is one passion he is happy to continue. But like most companies in the midst of a world recession tough choices had to be made resulting in temporary staff cut-backs. 

 Southfork Ranch pulls in visitors from all over the world, but this has seasonal fluctuations and during downtimes the staffing levels are reduced. But as the situation changes there will be incremental increases in staffing.

So we won’t be seeing JR relocating in the foreseeable future so Dallas fans can continue to pay homage to the worlds number one television show at Southfork Ranch.






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