Dallas dream becomes fans nightmare

It was supposed to the soap event of the year but for some fans the Dallas 30th Reunion barbeque was as dry as Cliff Barnes’s oil well. To quote one reporter it was “the most muddled, exhilarating, disastrous (for some), astounding (for others) W-in-TF night in the history of the 30-year-old TV show
The Dallas party took place last Saturday and as we all know by now it didn’t go to plan. Many fans had a great time, meeting the cast, walking around Southfork and enjoying the photo opportunity with the stars of the show.But for others who paid top dollar for tickets the event did not go to plan. The promises made by Austin Media Group were not delivered on the night and this has left fans wanting their money back.Jason Hardison from Austin Media Group blames the Southfork Ranch team for the mess saying that they allowed two thousand more people through the doors. Southfork Ranch blame Austin Media Group

“We had nothing to do with the ticket sales or seating assignments or anything like that,” says Sally Peavy from Southfork.

This should have been a straight forward event – almost the entire cast were in attendance and the setting at the Ranch was perfect for this occasion. So what went wrong?

When some of the Ultimate Dallas fans arrived at the event they were initially informed they were not allocated tickets or a table – “You’ve been bumped” was the statement that left them in dismay. Some of these people had flown in from Europe. After some discussion they were finally issued with their $1000 purple arm band allowing them access to the VIP area  cocktail area and exclusive cast photo. But still no word on their table.  They were some of the first to arrive at the Ewing mansion and were informed that it was now free seating “sit where you want” the pretty lady with the clipboard informed them.

As they day went on it was clear something was amiss. The cocktail hour did not transpire and there was no announcement as to where people should be. The $100 ticket holders were with the $1000 ticket holders and during the cast Q&A this almost resulted in a classic Dallas ‘bar fight’.

“Sit down, you’re in may way” the lady stated in her Southern accent. The man standing in front of her refused to move.

“Get out of the way, I paid $1000 for my ticket but I’m betting you didn’t” she responded. The man eventually moved but then decided to come back and stood again right in front of her.

“This is bulls**t, get out of my way, I paid for this” she stated angrily

“f**k you” the rather tall Mr Bean looking man replied holding his antique looking camera.

“What did you say?” she asked. At which point two burly Texans in Stetsons came over and pushed the man away.

At one point some fans were locked in the Ewing mansion as confusion grew.

Fans in attendance want to know what went wrong and what happens now. The fans forum is filled with questions for the organizers:

  • What happened to the two hour cocktail party for the top ticket holders?
  • Why was there no announcements where people should be. Many missed the red carpet event and had no idea what was happening.
  • Why were only a select few people informed about the photo opportunity with the cast? Some people were told privately to get in line. Also why was this not managed so only $1000 ticket holders were allowed a photo.
  • What happened to the special guest?
  • Apparently there was a mechanical bull. But why was no one informed about the side events?
  • Why was the section C ticket holders allowed in with section A ticket holders?
  • What happened with the lighting? One couple in section C could not even see what they were eating, stuck in a field with no lights.
  • Why was the schedule running so late?

The list continues to grow. But the cast were amazing on the night – working tirelessly to sign autographs on stage. Some fans were extremely happy with the night but perhaps this was a matter of luck rather than organization.

For fans who had their photo taken with the cast this will be made available to you in the next 10 days. We advise fans to post their views and get the latest information at the fans forum http://www.soapchat.net/showthread.php?t=176894&page=5








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