Dallas Reunion – ticket auction

White Bridle Humane Society is auctioning off tickets on e-bay to the Dallas reunion event on November 8 to raise money for their operation. Details follow.

E-bay auction title: Tickets to Dallas TV Show 30th Reunion Southfork 11-8-2008

E-bay auction description:

The auction will start at 6:00 pm Pacific Time Wednesday, October 15 and run until 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time Saturday, October 18.

Two $1000 tickets for “Dalllas” t.v. show 30 Year Reunion Party at South Fork Ranch in Parker, TX on November 8th *AND* an exclusive helicopter ride over South Fork Ranch area with Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing).  Tickets include exclusive happy hour with the cast members of “Dallas” inside the Ewing Mansion; BBQ dinner in the V.I.P section near the “Dallas” cast table; two free drink tickets; Q and A session with cast; musical performance at concert stage after dinner; access to to tour Ewing mansion and ranch; and program keepsake.

These tickets were personally donated by Sheree J. Wilson (April Stevens) to benefit White Bridle Humane Society, a local horse rescue and equine therapy center. Sheree is Vice President of White Bridle Humane Society and 100% of the ticket sale will go to this charity.

White Bridle Humane Society is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3. Information about White Bridle Humane Society can be obtained at www.whitebridle.org.

Ebay auction numbers: 330279095098, 330279098810, 330279099533

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