It ain’t Dallas

It ain’t Dallas

The on off, off and on again Dallas movie took a new twist this week when John Travolta revealed it is to be set in Saudi Arabia.

His role as J.R. Ewing in the big-screen Dallas is still a go, but director Betty Thomas has ordered some drastic changes from the ’80s CBS soap original. “They had a script, but it wasn’t quite Dallas yet,” conceded Travolta. “It was a fun script, but it was a different movie.” The new comedic take, he said, “is more of a spoof on the idea of Dallas. It takes place in present time in Saudi Arabia, with a minimal amount of other Ewings. I’m not sure how it will all unfold.”

 Well John we can tell you how it will unfold, somewhat like toilet paper caught around the neck of an overexcited Andrex puppy. A big tangled mess with only one practical use.

A Dallas movie set in Saudi Arabia with a minimum number of characters cast in comical roles.

Can this movie still be called Dallas?


As a Dallas fan I could be considered rather subjective on the whole topic but lets face some facts. Of course none of us took Dallas seriously, we all knew it was high drama but unlike its ABC counterpart Dynasty, it never fell into the abyss of camp comedy.

For the first five or six seasons it was a riveting, and the whole, well written drama.It would be like a movie version of 24 with Goldie Hawn playing Jack Bauer, (sorry I don’t want to give Betty White any ideas for further remakes). The idea is nonsensical.

When news of the movie was initially announced it was met with excitement, David Jacobs was behind the new vision and wanted to revisit the concept which became the biggest show in television history.

 Is this really the best they can come up with?

Are the audience that stupid that the only way they can put bums on seats is to dumb down the entire concept.

If John Travolta wants to play an 80’s TV icon in a camp, absurd, over the top comedy, I suggest he drags up once again and calls himself Joan.

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