Dallas Season 8 DVD release

Hi Dallas fans,

As we reported a few months back, Dallas Season 8 is due for release by Warner Brothers.

 We are promised some exciting extras on the season 8 box set including interviews with producers and writers from the show. The extras show is currently in production.

Season 8 includes the uncut feature length episode of the series finale Swan Song where we see the demise of a well loved character.


Other notable points of interest for this season is the introduction of Donna Reed, who replaces Barbara Bel Geddes in the role of Miss Ellie. This series also introduces two new family members – Jack Ewing played by the late Dack Rambo and Jamie Ewing played by Jenilee Harrison.

The cover art has been released by Warner Brothers and as usual includes Larry Hagman as JR, Victoria Principal, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy and Donna Reed in the role of Miss Ellie.

There are suggestions that Warner Brothers hope to release this season in time for Christmas 2007.

We will keep you posted.


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