Victoria Principal takes legal action over age old rumors

Dallas star and skin care queen Victoria Principal is taking legal action to stop internet rumors regarding her date of birth .


Several internet sites state the actress was born in January of 1946 but Victoria is adamant her date of birth is January 3rd 1950. “I was born January 3rd 1950. I’m 57 years old” Victoria informed the Official Dallas website in a recent interview. She went on to say
“I have just made my passport available to, obviously doing so is a little dangerous, you don’t want anyone to have your passport but I felt that was the only way to clear this up once and for all. My name is my real name; my age is my real age. Someone on the internet, years ago, printed a different age than I am and I’m in the process legally of clearing that up, because I have never lied about my age.  It really hurts my feelings because if I lie about my age then what kind of integrity do I have.”
So women are more than happy for you to ask them their age, just make sure you have the right one.

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