Dallas movie still active say New Regency

Rumors are rife that Dallas the movie has been cancelled following a European press report quoting Larry Hagman as saying the movie version of the hit series was cancelled two weeks ago.

A representative from New Regency, the production company behind the movie, informed ultimatedallas.com that the project is “still active”, but had no further comment at this point.

Dallas the movie was announced in October 2002 resulting in a great deal of buzz surrounding which of Hollywood’s finest would take on the roles of the Ewing family. 

John Travolta finally won the part of JR Ewing but the production has been plagued with problems.  Director Robert Luketic quit the production following disagreements with the casting, he was replaced by British Director Gurinder Chadha.

The original hard hitting script by Robert Harding was ditched for a comedic approach. Filmmakers conducted focus groups with small audiences in the Midwest, and producers decided it needed more laughs, which called for an entirely new, slapstick comedy script.  The movie was finally rewritten as a “a show-within-a-show” comedy, similar to the remake of Bewitched.

The changes to the movie have not been well received by fans of the original television series who feel strongly that turning the idea into a comedy betray Dallas creator David Jacob’s original vision of the show. You can discuss this story on the official Dallas website forum http://www.oilbaronsclub.com

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