Dallas Stars at Europes biggest Country Music Festival

Dallas stars Linda Gray, Larry Hagman, Steve Kanaly, Charlene Tilton and Patrick Duffy will be hosting the Country Music Festival in Mirande, in Gascony, South-West France.

The event takes place from the 11th to 15th July 2007.


For a few days in July, Mirande, in Gascony (South-West France), tranforms itself into an American town. Over 165,000 people attended the Mirande Country Music Festival over 5 days in 2005 and it is now recognized as the first Country Music festival in Europe.

Over 200 stands, on both the festival site and in the centre of town, propose numerous articles for sale including indian and western clothing and, of course, local gastonomic produce.
All these elements have contributed to installing a happy and warm atmosphere where 7 to 77 year-olds brush shoulders in a convivial and festive mood which unites all the family.

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Ultimate Dallas will be at the event to report live on our Festival Blog.

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