Dallas returns to UK TV


Weekdays from Mon 30th April, 11am/5pm
UKTV Gold starts a sparkling US Retro season with perhaps the greatest soap opera in telly history; the saga of wealthy Texan oil family the Ewings.

Within the walls of their sprawling Southfork Ranch live Jock and Miss Ellie, their warring sons JR and Bobby, JR’s wife Sue Ellen, daughter Lucy and ranch hand Ray Krebbs. 
There’s nothing quite like Dallas, with its multitude of car accidents, affairs, illegitimate children, gunfights, fistfights, catfights, lies, drinking problems and best of all, notorious season finale cliffhangers.

Scheming oil baron JR became the unrivalled star of the show thanks to his heartless machinations, he was only meant to be a supporting character to Bobby. However, the popularity of JR took off and he became the focus of the series.

UKTV Gold starts from the very beginning of series one, as Bobby and Pam Barnes (daughter of Cliff, the nemesis of the Ewings) are speeding towards Southfork as man and wife – married for less that 24 hours and lending a Romeo and Juliet tone from the outset.

UK TV plan to show the series currently up until the point Bobby walks out of the shower with the option to take the series to its conclusion.

Plans are also afoot for Larry Hagman to do some marketing to promote the series return.

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