X Factor to become Dallas like drama

Shed Productions, creators of Footballers’ Wives and Bad Girls, have been commissioned to make a drama series based on “a fictional look behind the scenes of a blockbuster TV talent show”.Simon Cowell is consultant on the show  “to make sure the series is as true to life as possible.”

Cowell stated “I am very excited about this show, the idea is brilliant and Shed Productions have a proven track record of making these type of shows very popular – think X Factor meets Dallas.”

X Factor meets Dallas ? Will we see the likes of Linda Gray playing Paula Abdul or Larry Hagman with Cowellesque trousers pulled up to his waist. We might even get Charlene Tilton singing a Eurotrash song. Lets hope not.

Its rather co-incidental that this announcement comes at a time when  Louis  ‘nice boy’ Walsh is spinning the publicity yarn over his supposed sacking from the patronising singing series.  But the fans buy it, the tabloids love it , so who am I to cast doubt on the  ‘reality’  of  the behind the scenes dramas of X Factor.

Lets hope we have a ‘Who shot Simon Cowell’ but perhaps with a different outcome from JRs shooting.

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