Larry and Charlene reunite at Oscars viewing event

The Oscars may look like the place to be but for those not nominated the whole event is one big bore fest. Ellen’s attempt to keep the crowd entertained really did not help, mixed with the humiliation of dancing to the cheesy gospelesque choir or pretending to be thrilled at the rather odd ‘Oscar’ body art – so the decision for many is where to spend the evening watching the event but not suffering it.

Larry Hagman and Charlene Tilton decided on the Night Of 100 Stars” party held at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Now in its 17th year, it’s the party of choice for many of Hollywood’s top actors. 

Larry Hagman Oscars

Charlene attendedwith her daughter Cherish, who seems to accompany Charlene wherever she goes. Poor Cherish may never find a date with her mother always at her side. But they both looked amazing, as did Larry Hagman, sporting his usual JR stetson.

 On one table Gary Busey was sweet-talking Bridget Fonda… Amanda Plummer over-awed by Janet Leigh …Cliff Robertson and Peter Boyle here… Sally Kirkland and Sean Young there… Recognizable faces everywhere. There were cult figures as well. There may have been an occasion before in the history of the universe that placed Maximillian Schell AND Charlene Tilton in the same room – but it is unlikely.

 Larry Hagman Charlene Tilton Oscars

Charlene bursts out of her gold dress, standing next to Cherish, Larry and Maj  

 Michele Phillips

Knots star Michelle Phillips makes an appearance in her nightgown.


Cherish and Charlene

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