John Travolta talks about Dallas comedy!!

John Travolta revealed the new Dallas movie is to be a comedy in a recent interview with If Magazine.

iF: Are you going to play J.R. Ewing?

TRAVOLTA: I am going to play J.R. in DALLAS. I’ve always been comfortable in comedies because I started in comedies, but I always balance it with drama and action movies, because it all allows you to have more options to work and I like to work. The more types of movies you do, the more opportunities you have to work.

iF: Who is going to play Sue Ellen?

TRAVOLTA: We don’t know yet. I’m signed to do the movie; they’ve even started paying me. Sometimes you’ll sign on to do a movie and you’ll lose interest as time goes by. But I am still keen to do it. I’m ready to do it. They are getting the script together and are getting the right cast. They did a poll in the US and 86 % of the people chose me to play J.R.

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