Rubbing elbows with Victoria

Have you met an actor from the TV series Dallas ? Tasha from apparently has in a recent article posted on the blog website.

“I don’t know if this is interesting, but in retrospect probably the goofiest was the time Victoria Principal was reading my palm in the back of a stretch limo in L.A. Or maybe it was the time she tossed me her handbag in a trailer on location and said to guard it because her gun was in there. The worst moment was when Victoria sneaked up behind a woman we were filming for an infomercial testimonial–a moment carefully planned for a shocked, surprised reaction–and when she put her hands on the woman’s shoulders, the woman asked excitedly, without turning around (since she’d had phone conversations with me, the producer), “Is it Marilyn?!” Needless to say, Victoria no longer liked me after that.”

If you have have a story about a Dallas actor then please let us know.

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