Bush or Clinton, shorts or speedos – Patrick decides

Patrick Duffy was interviewed in a quick fire interview and lets loose his political views. 

Q: Always Early or Fashionably late? 

Patrick – I’m always early. I think it is incredibly inconsiderate to be late 

Q – Speedo or swim shorts? 

Patrick – Shorts – Men over 40 should not wear Speedos 

Q – Big fat pay cheque or artistic credibility? 

Patrick – Years ago it would have been the pay cheque because I was responsible for my family. I have done things for money but not anymore. 

Q – Youth and Beauty or Age and wisdom? 

Patrick - Being older takes so many things off the necessity list. You don’t have to worry “how do I look?” 

Q – Larry Hagman or John Travolta? 

Patrick - Hagman. He was so good at that part 

Q – Bath or Shower? 

Patrick – Shower. I have not had a bath since I can remember 

Q – Meat or fish? 

Patrick – Very rare beef. I love it bleeding all over the plate, so long as it’s hot 

Q – Cash or credit card? 

Patrick – Credit card. If you use the right one you get air miles 

Q – Vodka or gin? 

Patrick –  Gin. I usually have glass around it and that’s about it. 

Q – Oscar or Emmy? 

Patrick –  I don’t have either but I’d prefer an Emmy. I’ve never been nominated, the ignorant swines! 

Q – Singledom or married life ? 

Patrick – I’ve been married for 34 years and I’d hate the prospect of looking for somebody new. 

Q – Bush or Clinton ? 

Patrick – Clinton should still be President as far as I’m concerned. The worst thing to happen to our nation, almost in its entire history, has been the election of George W Bush. 

Q – Family Guy or Simpsons ? 

Patrick - I have done voice work on Family Guy, but I’d say the Simpsons. 

Q – Burial or Cremation? 

Patrick – Cremation. Why take up space with a dead body ? 

Q – Shaved chest or natural? 

Patrick – I’ve done the shaved chest thing in the past but natural is more comfortable. 

Q – New York or LA? 

Patrick – LA because that’s where my children are. Padraic is 31 and he’s a playwright and Connor is 26 and he’s an actor. 

Q – Exercise or laziness? 

Patrick – Exercise. I play golf and do pilates. 

By Simon Button     


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